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The iHEAR in Ear Hearing Device

  • Published: 2014-04-07 (Revised/Updated 2017-11-28) : Author: Disabled World : Contact:
  • Synopsis: Review of the iHEAR HD hearing device an invisible high quality in the ear aid available at a much lower cost than prescribed hearing aids.

Quote: "IHEAR Medical was founded by Adnan Shennib, who founded and led the development of major Silicon Valley firms."

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The iHEAR hearing device is only the size and weight of a kidney bean and fits safely inside a person's ear. The device is discrete and has an innovative seal tip which provides a comfortable fit as well as exceptional sound delivery, providing the user with a superior hearing experience.

The iHEAR HD hearing device is 100% digital technology; it is programmable for a wide-range of forms of hearing loss to include:

Unfortunately, the iHEAR HD is not meant for use by everyone. The hearing device is not meant for use by people who experience severe or profound hearing loss. The benefits of the hearing device are exceptional however. For example; you can adjust your own hearing aids from home using online tools. The new approach gives people an invisible, high-quality in-the-ear hearing device at a far lower cost than prescribed hearing aids.

Chart showing forms of hearing loss the iHEAR device is programmable for
About This Image: Chart showing forms of hearing loss the iHEAR device is programmable for
The iHEAR HD hearing device is shipped to people at their own homes. The iHEAR test kit is a USB device and is included with each order; it is shipped for use with online tools. Using the company's online tools, people have the ability to manage their entire fitting process through a personal computer. You can also remotely control the hearing device while wearing it inside your ear.

In a refreshing show of community awareness and compassion, the iHEAR company will donate a hearing device to someone who needs one when a person orders a hearing device. Hearing For All is a campaign being led by iHEAR Medical and the Hearing For All Foundation to donate up to 1,000 hearing aids to those who are unable to afford them. At this time, approximately 40% of those who experience hearing loss in America are unable to afford hearing aids.

The iHEAR Plan and Project Timeline

iHEAR currently has fully functional pre-production units for the iHEAR device and the iHEAR test. Their software technology for iHEAR Test and iHEAR Fitting is working with limited clinical testing, yet needs integration and refining before becoming fully commercialized. The company has functional software and hardware and is awaiting Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval for the iHEAR Test product.

High precision plastic tooling, as well as intricate manufacturing processes are needed before additional testing and shipping commences. More integration and testing of the company's web services and applications are needed as well. The company states it will take around 3-4 months after the end of their Indiegogo campaign to finish and start shipping orders.

March: In March iHEAR ordered injection molding tooling for their iHEAR device, both left and right device parts, as well as the casing for the iHEAR Test Kit. They started integration and testing of iHEAR web applications.

April: In April the company will set up production operation in their San Leandro, California office. They will design retail packaging for the iHEAR device and iHEAR Test products.

May: In May the company will receive samples of injection molded parts for the iHEAR device and test kit. They will start delivering iHEAR HF headphone orders, bench test products with injection molded parts, and set up technical support operations.

June: The month of June will find iHEAR performing user testing of the iHEAR device and test with injection molded parts. They will start shipping iHEAR test kits.

July: In July iHEAR will finalize user testing and packaging for the iHEAR device.

August: During the month of August, the company will deliver iHEAR devices to Early Bird backers.

The rest of the year will find iHEAR filling orders from the Indiegogo campaign and fulfilling donation commitments for the Hearing For All program. The company will continue to refine their web-enabled hearing aid system and celebrate the launch of iHEAR products.

Conditions Contraindicating the Use of iHEAR

A number of conditions contraindicate the use of the iHEAR HD. For those who experience any of these conditions, it is important to consult with a doctor or a hearing health professional. The conditions contraindicated for use of the iHEAR HD include:

iHEAR Medical

iHEAR Medical is a California-based medical device startup. The company's goal is to create affordable, high-quality hearing solutions. Their mission is to make hearing aids accessible to everyone, to include people who are unable to afford them.

IHEAR Medical was founded by Adnan Shennib, who founded and led the development of major Silicon Valley firms. Adnan holds more than 100 US and International patents. Adnan's innovations have received recognition including the Medical Device Excellence Award and were featured in media outlets to include the New York Times, CNN, USA Today, the Dr. Oz Show and Inc. Magazine. IHEAR Medical is Adnan's latest venture and is dedicated to the creation of affordable and accessible hearing aid solutions for people.

IHEAR Medical specializes in acoustics, medical electronics, software-based system design, and ultra-miniature electronics. For more than 20 years their team has demonstrated an exceptional track record in creation of novel hearing solutions. The company lead and launched a number of successful hearing aid companies. They are dedicated to solving complex technology and marketing challenges and have filed 18 patent applications so far related to iHEAR.

Currently, the industry is dominated by 6 major players who control more than 90% of the market. The industry has operated using a business model of high-cost service which has not served people well, evidenced by the fact that a mere 22% of people who experience hearing loss have a solution compared to over 95% of people with vision issues who have corrective solutions. IHEAR is about to challenge and lead an industry that refuses to change. The iHEAR products are expected to remove major barriers people with hearing loss face in getting hearing solutions, as well as in relation to access, cost, and visibility.

IHEAR Medical has built over 100 prototypes and conducted clinical testing for the iHEAR device and test. The company has figured out the supply chain, which includes partners in Europe, America and Asia. IHEAR Medical has led product development and launched several generations of hearing products from concept to IPO and acquisition. The company is dedicated to making Hearing For All a reality.


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