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NewEAR Digital Hearing Amplifier Aids in Restoring Full Range Sound

Published: 2014-11-08 - Updated: 2014-11-28
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Synopsis: Medical & More announces the release of the NewEAR Amplifier, an affordable sound amplification device worn discreetly behind the ear.

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Designed for optimum user comfort, this hearing enhancer is fully adjustable to a wide range of volume levels and easily fits either ear.


The design of this digital hearing amplifier aid makes it an excellent hearing enhancer for all types of situations including conversations, listening to music and watching television. It adds a feeling of safety as well when having to listen to street noise, weather and animal activity. Not to mention, NewEAR Amplifier enables users to hear life saving alerts like fire alarms and tornado sirens.

With the NewEAR Amplifier, those with a hearing disability now have an alternative to tedious trips to the doctor and spending thousands of dollars on equipment. The NewEAR Amplifier does not require prescription and costs nearly a fraction of the price of other expensive devices.

"Extensive testing and development went to great lengths during the conception and design process to create a digital hearing amplifier aid that would address any and every hearing issue," said a company spokesperson from Medical & More. "The NewEAR Amplifier was meticulously designed to provide a healthy range of volume, without making the user too sensitive to certain risky levels of volume. It is also compact, lightweight and accessible financially - all equal concerns of ours," he said.

For those moments when too much volume and noise could be harmful, NewEAR Amplifier offers the ability to modify the tone and volume via a mild compression circuit that helps muffle muzzle blasts.

Medical & More offers a low cost, virtually invisible device that enables users to hear a full range of sound. Picture Credit: Medical & More
Medical & More offers a low cost, virtually invisible device that enables users to hear a full range of sound. Picture Credit: Medical & More

The NewEAR Amplifier has received 5-star reviews since its launch into the consumer market.

"My mother is 91 and has been steadily losing her hearing for a number of years. She is almost totally deaf in one ear and wears a $2500 dollar hearing aid in the other, which helps very little. We have to sit close and talk quite loud for her to hear," shared happy customer, Lilly.

"It makes a big difference. When she is sitting at the dinner table with several people around, she is now able to hear most of what is being said without anyone having to raise their voice. She is very pleased and in feeling a lot less isolated than she did previously. Certainly worth the price!" she continued.

To ensure a good, comfortable fit, NewEAR Amplifier comes with three different sizes of soft tips, three batteries, a cleaning brush, manual and a carrying case that offers protection.

In addition, the designers of this digital hearing amplifier aid provided a solution to combat battery drainage for maximum battery life and performance. NewEAR Amplifier features a special function key intended to help conserve battery life.

While created for those afflicted with hearing loss, NewEAR Amplifier's state-of-the-art electronic engineering also allows users to capture and amplify sounds not typically discernible to human ears. Studies have shown that thousands of these sounds exist, and this hearing enhancer opens users up to a higher plane of hearing capacity.

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