Songbird Hearing Aid - Sleek Design Great Sound Quality

Author: Richard Chandler
Published: 2009/01/29 - Updated: 2012/09/16
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Synopsis: The Songbird Hearing Aid has revolutionized the way those with mild to moderate hearing loss live independent lifestyles.


The Songbird Hearing Aid has revolutionized the way those with mild to moderate hearing loss live independent lifestyles.

Main Digest

Affordable and available for purchase for the first time in almost 4 years, the completely disposable Songbird Flexfit has been newly redesigned, based on the feedback of consumers, to be the ideal hearing device for virtually anyone.

Songbird launched its first direct-to-the-consumer, in-the-ear device in October 2003. Generating substantial sales during the year-long test period, the company found the demand for the product exceeded its financial resources. Pulling the Songbird Hearing Aid from the market in late 2004, the company re-evaluated the business and product line while addressing issues raised by customer feedback.

Digital Sound Technology

The new Songbird Flexfit Disposable Hearing Aid was developed by the Sarnoff Corporation in Princeton, New Jersey. Sarnoff is responsible for inventing the technology behind High-Definition Television (HDTV) and Digital Satellite Television. Each Songbird is built with digital high-tech components that are custom designed for this application, and offer incredible sound quality. The digital components also keep the batteries from draining quickly, increasing overall battery life to up to 400 hours of active use. Volume is controlled by a small wheel on the body of the hearing aid and also serves as the on/off switch.

Discreet and Comfortable to Wear

One of the primary complaints of the original Songbird was the level of comfort. The new Flexfit design of the disposable hearing aid fits discreetly behind the ear with only a small tip inserted into the ear. It is adjustable to provide a custom fit and includes an optional foam ring to help hold it in place if you find the Songbird slipping out of your ear. The compact design of the Songbird Hearing Aid is designed so that it cannot be seen when people look straight at you and will only be slightly noticeable if they look at you from the side.

Affordable and Hassle-Free

The Songbird Hearing Aid is available without the need for seeing a hearing health professional, and costs a fraction of what normal hearing aids cost. It requires no maintenance other than keeping the hearing aid clean of earwax to prolong battery life and sound quality. A customized wax removal brush is included for added convenience along with a protective case.

Songbird has taken great steps to improve upon the design, and has created a disposable hearing aid unlike any other device available. With its high-quality digital sound, extended battery life, discreet design, and customizable fit, the Songbird Hearing Aid gives a whole new level of independence and convenience to those with hearing loss.

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