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Assistive Home Products Publications
Title of
Samba Robotic Toothbrush Designed for Individuals With DisabilitiesProduct Release / Update2023/08/012023/10/10
Understanding Adaptive Clothing Customer Needs2023/03/21
Traveling Barbers In-Home Hair Care Services for The Disabled2019/09/062020/03/17
Inventions Needed to Make Everyday Life Easier2019/03/272020/03/23
SturdyStraw: Hands Free Bendable Drinking Aids for People with Limited MovementProduct Release / Update2018/08/162023/09/13
Eazyhold Grip Aid for People with Limited Hand FunctionProduct Release / Update2017/11/112023/09/12
The Zack Rack Accessibile Storage Solution2017/11/102018/04/30
Cyprium Copper Infused Luxury Towels that Destroy Bacteria2017/07/102020/07/20
Obi Robotic Dining Device - Breakthrough for People with Physical Challenges2016/07/122018/06/21
NuMuv Grip-Aid: Assistive Eating Device for Arthritis Patients2015/12/052020/12/01
Paint Shield Microbicidal Paint Kills BacteriaInformative2015/10/302023/12/13
New Assisted Bath Range Launch at Care & Dementia Show2015/10/252016/06/11
Istanbul Universal Design Center Makes Clothes for Disabled2015/10/212020/12/11
Creating Clothes for the Disabled - The Seams2015/07/212016/06/11
Internet Connected Pacemakers Coming Soon2015/01/302020/10/16
Natural Essential Oil Mixtures for Around the Home2014/03/282021/07/08
Stable Spoon for Shaky Hands Helps People with Tremors2014/02/282021/09/02
Strokeshop UK: Disability Products and Equipment2011/04/022022/04/27
Kitchen Safety Device for Rheumatoid Arthritis PatientsProduct Release, Update2011/03/072024/04/12
New Assistive Accessories Redefine Perceptions of Mobility Impairment2011/01/14
Discover the World of Home Bidets: A Comprehensive GuideInstructive / Helpful2010/11/112023/11/28
InstaHANGER: Extra Closet Storage Space and Easy Access to ClothesProduct Release, Update2010/10/102024/04/12
Bobble Bottle for Kids Aims to Wean Children Off Sugary Soft Drinks2010/09/27
Velcro Button Conversion Kit Makes Dressing Simpler for Seniors and Arthritis Sufferers2010/09/222013/06/03
Disability Plates Make Meal Times EasierProduct Release, Update2010/06/202024/04/12
Online Suppliers of Disability Products and Assistive Devices2010/02/012019/02/08
Knork: Dining Utensil for People with Disability2008/06/132016/09/23

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