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Household Hints and Tips to Make Life Easier

Disabled World: Revised/Updated: 2019/01/22

Synopsis: Great ideas including easy cleaning solutions, odor elimination, and other home tips for around the house and yard.

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In this section of Disabled World we provide a number of great ideas including easy home cleaning solutions, getting rid of odors and bad smells in and around the house, as well as other "making life easier" home tips. For example: use popsicle sticks instead of paint stirring sticks to keep a color swatch of the paint color(s) for each room, punch a hole in the end of each one and loop them together with a key retainer ring.

Or, use strongly brewed black tea to clean the mirrors in your home or vehicle.

Baby oil and a paper towel will restore the brightness to your stainless steel apliances.

Here Are a Few Other Quick Tips

Smelling of roses - closeup photo of pink and white rose petals - Photo by shawna dunsmore on Unsplash.
Smelling of roses - closeup photo of pink and white rose petals - Photo by shawna dunsmore on Unsplash.(List of complete articles further down the page)

  • Persistent Cooking Odors?

    Put a small bowl of household vinegar next to where you were cooking. The vinegar will neutralize the source of the odor while the fragrance sprays will cover it up!

  • Bad Microwave Smells?

    Put a few drops of vanilla extract (or essential oils) in a microwave safe bowl and heat in the microwave for a few minutes or until it boils. Or, use any kind of citrus peel in a bowl of water.

  • Skunk Spray Odor?

    You can use bleach to clean skunk spray and odor from outdoor structures. Use a mixture of 10% bleach and 90% water to clean sprayed areas that aren't in danger in staining from the bleach.

  • Smelly Trash Can?

    Pour distilled white vinegar into the garbage can. Use 2 to 3 cups of white vinegar and fill the rest of the garbage can with hot water. Let the vinegar and water solution soak inside the garbage can for an hour.

  • Cooked Cabbage Odor?

    Add about 1 teaspoon of white vinegar to the pot while the cabbage is cooking. The vinegar will help neutralize 60-70% of the cabbage odors. However if you add too much vinegar, the cabbage may absorb some of the taste.

  • Sweaty Smelly Feet?

    Have you got a problem with smelly feet and no matter what you do or have tried to rid the foot odor, the smell remains?

  • House Smells of Smoker(s)?

    Smoking in a home leaves a tar residue on everything in the home. the best way to get rid of the smell is to get rid of the tar residue.

  • Refrigerator or Freezer Smelly?

    Refrigerator and freezer odors develop when foods are not sealed properly or are allowed to spoil inside the appliances. Sometimes strong scents transfer to other foods as well.



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