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Eliminate Odor from Smelly Shoes and Boots

Outline: Handy tips and tricks to help eliminate bad odor from smelly shoes and boots quickly.

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Humidity and warmth in the shoes is what causes the bacteria that create the odor.

Stinky shoes and/or smelly feet can be not only annoying, but a source of embarrassment as well. The proper term for smelly feet is Bromhidrosis (smell of bacteria growing on the body) or Hyperhidrosis (abnormally increased perspiration). It is an unfortunate part of an active lifestyle, as even the smallest bit of sweat can create a pair of smelly shoes.

Although cleaning the shoes regularly will kill the bacteria, and washing the foot prevents them from growing, the reality is that preventing moisture by using a talcum powder is the best solution.

Other steps to help prevent stinky shoes include; washing your feet with an antibacterial soap, wear clean leather shoes, cotton socks, and change shoes daily, and use a good quality foot spray at night.

Tips for Getting Rid of Shoe and Boot Odor

Commercial Products for Smelly Shoes and Boots

Companies like Tineacide, 2Toms and Dr. Scholl's all sell a foot spray that works as an effective shoe deodorizer.

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