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  • Synopsis: Published: 2009-02-04 (Revised/Updated 2017-06-25) - Home robotic products including robotic lawn mowers vacuum cleaners pool cleaners and self-cleaning cat litter box. For further information pertaining to this article contact: Gail Jones at

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Quote: "Paradise Robotics informs consumers about special offers from iRobot, the makers of the Roomba, Scooba, Dirt Dog vacuum/floor cleaners and the iRobot Verro pool cleaner robot. "

Many disabled people living in single family homes incur significant expenses for lawn and cleaning services. Now there are products available that enable elimination of these expensive services: robotic lawn mowers, vacuum cleaners and floor cleaners.

Cat owners have an additional time consuming chore: cleaning the litter box. Paradise Robotics also sells a self-cleaning cat litter box that reduces the effort to simply taking a garbage bag of waste out of a drawer

Disabled people may choose to live in town-homes or condos in order to avoid the need to maintain a lawn. Now disabled people can have a single family home without having to pay for a lawn service. Paradise Robotics also sells robotic lawn mowers that mow the lawn all by themselves. Several different models are available. The different models address lawn sizes from 3/4 acre to 5 acres and hill angles from 13 degrees to 27 degrees.

A thin wire is installed all around the property. The lawn mower robot mows within the wire. It is possible to put the wire around flower beds in the middle of the yard. Each model recharges itself in its charging base. The Lawnbott has a recharging garage that keeps the robot dry while recharging.

Lawnbott has a rain sensor that sends it back to the base when it rains. The BigMow and ParcMow actually mow in the rain. BigMow and ParcMow have sonar technology to detect objects and slow down. All robotic mowers available today mow in a random pattern within the perimeter wire. The wire can be used to block out trees, or the mower can gently bump into trees or other objects. Lawnbott mows up to four hours on a charge and recharges for three hours. These mowers do an excellent job maintaining the lawn. So well, in fact, the lawn is always neatly mowed.

Paradise Robotics informs consumers about special offers from iRobot, the makers of the Roomba, Scooba, Dirt Dog vacuum/floor cleaners and the iRobot Verro pool cleaner robot. The offers are available on the Links and Affiliates page.

Paradise Robotics also sells the Litter-Robot self-cleaning cat litter box. The Litter-Robot has received rave reviews from customers. Many customers formerly owned the Litter Maid and complained of its rake clogging or the motor burning out. Litter Maid also requires the use of special receptacles.

Litter-Robot has none of these drawbacks. It uses a patented litter sifting system to reliably separate the waste from the litter. Litter is efficiently preserved for the next use, which reduces litter cost. Your cat always encounters a clean litter box, saving your carpet from stains and odor.

Litter-Robot looks like a miniature cement mixer. It has a spherical globe that keeps litter inside. The globe rotates after a seven minute countdown completes. The seven minute countdown is key because it allows the urine clumps to solidify before being sifted and dropped into the large waste drawer. The effort to clean the cat litter box is to simply empty the waste drawer as often as needed. A disabled person in a wheel chair could locate the Litter Robot on a small table to ease the drawer emptying effort.

Litter-Robot is built to last, having very solid construction. It has a manufacturer's 60 day money back guarantee and an 18 month warranty. Customers local to the Chicago area are eligible for free or reduced delivery rates. Visit Paradise Robotics web site to see a Litter-Robot animation and learn more details about shipping costs.

Paradise Robotics takes pride in customer service. Questions and inquiries are answered promptly by knowledgeable staff -

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