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Published: 2014/12/05
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Synopsis: Connecting the rapidly expanding number of electronic devices and services that make up the internet of things.

A pair of veteran technology experts have joined forces to focus on making peoples' lives better by seamlessly connecting the rapidly expanding number of electronic devices and services that make up the "internet of things."

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A pair of veteran technology experts have joined forces to focus on making peoples' lives better by seamlessly connecting the rapidly expanding number of electronic devices and services that make up the "internet of things."

The duo, along with other technology and design experts, have formed K4Connect, a software development company co-founded by CEO F. Scott Moody, the former co-founder and CEO of AuthenTec and CTO Jonathan Gould, an automation visionary and entrepreneur.

Together they bring significant experience and expertise to this rapidly evolving market.

As CEO of AuthenTec, Moody raised more than $70M in venture capital prior to taking the company public. Acquired by Apple, Inc. in 2012, the AuthenTec technology is now the Touch ID on the newest iPhones and iPad. Gould has extensive security, home and enterprise automation expertise, having founded and successfully sold his own A/V and home automation company, later founding and serving as the CTO of an automation company that developed software for numerous applications, including some of the largest resort complexes in the country.

The team joined forces in late 2013 and has concentrated on developing an open and adaptive software suite that can seamlessly connect virtually any number of third-party devices and services into a single integrated system - all managed by a universally designed application. The result is a patent-pending, flexible solution that can be used across multiple markets to create truly responsive environments, whether in an individual home or across large enterprises.

Unlike what are often closed or proprietary solutions, K4Connect's open approach enables users to seamlessly combine a broad range of devices from virtually any provider across a number of different standards and communication protocols. Moreover, K4Connect does not build the various connected devices themselves - working instead with numerous manufacturers - making it one of the few companies in the market that does not compete with its partners and independent developers.

This open and modular approach allows customers to choose the best connected products on the market - based on functionality, price and aesthetics - to create beautiful environments that are truly responsive to their needs, something not possible with a single-vendor approach. K4Connect's open architecture also is a boon for service and device developers - making it easier for them to create and bring new applications to market faster and reach a wider base of potential users.

"The tremendous potential of the 'internet of things' is often handcuffed by proprietary systems that force customers to adopt only one approach," said Moody. "K4Connect's mission is to make people's lives better, so it is important to provide an open platform that enables everyone to work together to come up with the best solutions. This opens the door for everyone to participate - from startups to established companies, from beginners to experienced developers, and from individuals to large teams of innovators. There is no doubt that our clients, the end users, benefit from everyone truly working together. We believe this is fundamental to the industry's success going forward, and is the cornerstone of our mission."


Inspired by the significant benefits for the disabled and aging communities, the company is also announcing its first product: K4Life - a home, wellness and life management system planned for introduction in 2015. The system, currently in beta test, has been specifically designed to meet the needs of individuals, as well as their families and professional caregivers, who may struggle to maintain their independence and quality of life.

"There are a lot of amazing new connected devices being introduced every day that help make life a little bit easier and more convenient. Yet they often fail to reach the very people who stand to benefit the most - the disabled and senior communities," said Moody. "That is where we come in. We integrate and essentially re-purpose these mass-market oriented products to help make our clients' lives simpler, healthier and happier - whether it is someone with MS or Parkinson's, a veteran who may have been wounded in the service to their country, or an individual who, as they get a little older, may not be able to get around like they used to."

K4Life features a powerful wireless control box that automatically connects and manages any number and combination of devices, including thermostats, locks, lights, security systems, blood pressure monitors, smoke alarms, pet feeders, TVs/stereos, activity trackers (wearables), scales, sensors, coffee makers and medicine dispensers - just to name a few. K4Life's clients can also give their families and professional caregivers permission to remotely access these same services, providing an added layer of care and peace of mind for everyone involved.

"Many of the billion-plus disabled and aging individuals worldwide often struggle to maintain the balance of independence and safety they need, which often takes a tremendous emotional and financial toll on everyone involved," said Moody. "We couldn't think of a more compelling first application for our technology. Yet it goes well beyond the technology itself since our focus is squarely on the client, tailoring our products to meet their needs, making their lives easier and simpler, and in many cases enabling a level of independence not otherwise possible."

When introduced, K4Life will be sold both directly to the consumer through various channels, as well as to businesses already serving these communities. In addition, K4Connect is in the process of launching a developer network (taking applications now on its website) to enable programmers and device makers to link additional products and services to the K4Life client communities.

K4Connect is a software development company on a mission to leverage technology to help make peoples' lives better. Using software technologies purposely developed to play across multiple markets, K4Connect can integrate any number of connected smart devices and services into a single responsive system. The result is our first product, K4Life, which is a complete home, wellness and life management system for those who benefit most - the disabled and senior citizen communities. For more information, visit K4Connect.com

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