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Home Medical Devices Publications
Title of
Electronic BCG Sock Detects Unhealthy GaitReports and Proceedings2024/04/07
UrgoStart Lower Limb Ulcer Treatment Could Prevent 3,000 Amputations a YearProduct Release / Update2019/02/082023/10/08
Wearable Tech: Useful or Just More Data?2018/08/112019/02/08
Wearable Epileptic Seizure Prediction Device2018/06/302019/02/08
FDA Approves Glucose Monitoring System with Sensor and App for Adults with Diabetes2018/06/212019/02/08
Body Probe as Thin as a Hair Has Imaging Function and Temperature Sensor2018/04/15
Advancing Wearable Tech: Ultra Stretchable Sensor Does More with LessProduct Release / Update2018/03/012023/09/17
Folding Portable Wheelchair Scale With Ramp2017/08/172020/02/07
Compact DreamStation CPAP Sleep Apnea Device Makes Travel Easier2017/04/11
Ribcap Protective Hats For Fall Risk Patients2017/03/252020/03/18
U.S. Access Board Issues New Standards for Medical Diagnostic Equipment2017/01/102018/03/15
List of Free Home Medical and Disability Products Catalogs2016/09/242019/02/08
Scalp Cooling Offers Safe Effective Method for Preventing Hair Loss During Chemotherapy2016/06/02
Smartphones and Wearables May Revolutionize Medical Care for People with Brain Disorders2016/05/092020/10/20
How Do Medical Alert Systems Work2016/04/122020/10/27
Healthcare Market Expected to Reach $136.8 Billion by 2021Reports and Proceedings2016/04/012023/10/05
Old Person Smell: When Older People Smell DifferentInformative2016/03/142024/03/11
Thermo: Wi-Fi Connected Temporal Thermometer2016/01/062019/04/14
Oxxiom: Wireless, Continuous, Disposable Pulse Oximeter2016/01/052022/09/01
Dr. Salvino's Plantar Fasciitis Kit by Everheel2015/12/072018/10/09
Do Health Magnets to Treat Pain Work2015/04/092021/08/23
Smart Bandage Detects Bed Sores Before They are Visible2015/03/222017/11/06
Paxman Scalp Coolers: Stopping Chemotherapy Hair Loss2015/03/122017/06/26
Dip a Stick: Simple Diabetes Test2015/02/162021/09/03
Nebulizers: Facts, Function, Information2015/02/032021/09/14
SmartTrack Asthma Inhaler Technology2015/01/212020/10/22
Free Home Health Equipment Loans Increase 43% at St. Louis HELP in 2014Announcement / Notification2015/01/202023/09/12
Lumbar Spinal Stenosis - Wearable Devices in eHealth Interventions2014/12/16
LifeVest Wearable Personal Defibrillator Information2014/12/052021/03/07
Kit Protecting Against Spread of Pandemic Flu Best-Seller for Nonprofit St. Louis FirmProduct Release / Update2014/09/122023/09/13
Independent Living: Evermind Home Monitor2014/09/102021/05/23
WoundSeal Topical Powder Stops Bleeding Instantly2014/06/24
Beaming Power to Medical Chips Within the Body2014/05/212021/01/12
Smart Socks for People With DiabetesInformative2014/05/202024/04/07
GiraffPlus Detects Whether a Person Has Fallen2014/05/172021/08/29
Best Basic Heart Rate MonitorsProduct Release / Update2014/04/222024/04/07
AccuVein: Lightweight Medical Device for Finding VeinsProduct Release / Update2014/04/182023/09/28
CarePredict Tempo Helps Catch Senior Health Decline2014/01/282021/12/31
SOSecure Swim Diaper Continence Product2013/12/05
Electric Cars and Bikes Do Not Interfere with Implanted Cardiac Devices2013/03/102019/03/13
Powering a Pacemaker from Your Heartbeat2012/11/052015/10/30
What Are Bariatric Aids, Products, Equipment2012/07/102020/10/30
New Neck Brace Provides Greater Support and Flexibility2012/05/082022/05/26
GPS Tracking Shoes for Seniors2011/12/052019/02/08
Transforming iPhone into High Quality Microscope and Spectrometer2011/10/03
Adult Diapers and Incontinence Product Costs May Be Reimbursed2011/10/012019/02/08
Bioness and Functional Electrical Stimulation2011/09/282013/06/04
Medicare's Competitive Bidding Program for Home Medical Equipment and Services2011/08/21
James Webb Telescope Technology Helping Human Eyes2011/07/302022/01/27
Ensuring Home Medical Devices Are Easy to Use and Caregivers Well Trained2011/07/192019/02/08
Wheelchair Gym - Complete Home Exercise Solution for Seniors and Wheelchair Users2011/03/212017/03/09
Infrared Saunas Help Relieve Lyme Disease Symptoms2011/03/022022/05/21
Revolutionizing How Blood Pressure Readings are Taken2011/02/212022/05/27
Problems Obtaining Needed Home Medical Equipment Services under Controversial Medicare Bidding Program2011/02/10
Medical Device Innovation Initiative Launched - FDA2011/02/09
Project Lifesaver Releases Top Rescue and Milestones of 20102011/01/032019/02/08
Reporting Medicare Competitive Bidding for Home Medical Equipment Complaints2011/01/02
Competitive Bidding Pricing Scheme for Home Medical Equipment Problems2010/12/162019/02/08
Finding Those with Cognitive Conditions Who Wander - Project Lifesaver International2010/11/182019/02/08
Getting a Grip after SCI2010/09/232013/06/04
ROHO Group Pleased to Announce New Senior VP Sales and Business Development2010/08/302019/02/08
Home Wireless Emergency Call Intercom2010/08/062019/02/08
Loopholes in Approval Process for Medical Devices2010/07/30
Sensory Equipment As Teaching Aids2010/07/132019/02/08
Stimulating The Senses With a Bubble Tube2010/07/132019/02/08
Helpful Tips on Adult Diapers2010/07/092016/06/12
DIDGET Monitors Blood Glucose via Nintendo DS2010/04/262019/02/08
Pacemakers and iPods - Any Danger2010/04/152015/01/30
Assistive Technology Solutions for Individuals with Speech Disabilities2010/04/012019/02/08
People with Alzheimer's Wandering Off2010/02/042019/02/08
Smart Phones Offer Quick Acute Appendicitis Diagnosis2009/11/30
EmFinders EmSeeQ Tracking Device to Locate Wandering Individuals2009/10/152019/02/08
MP3 Heart Rate Monitor for Fetal Heart Monitoring Could Save LivesProduct Release / Update2009/08/282024/04/07
Head Wraps for Cancer Treatment Patients2009/07/202017/11/17
Disability Products: Assistive Devices for People with Disabilities and Seniors2009/06/192019/02/09
Medical Suppliers Afraid of New Bid Squeeze2009/04/082019/02/08
Medical ID Bracelets and Keyrings2009/03/182019/02/08
GPS Locater's for Seniors and Children2009/02/112011/12/05
Home Health Care Equipment2009/02/082019/02/08
Mountain View Medical Supply Review2009/02/072019/02/08

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