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Medical Devices: Information & News Document List

This page contains the full list of articles and documents from the Disabled World Medical Devices category. Though some documents may have since been updated, or revised, they are still listed by their original publish date, with the most recent documents first.

Medical Devices: Information & News Publications

2018-04-15 : Body Probe as Thin as a Hair Has Imaging Function and Temperature Sensor : The probe may help researchers find better treatments to prevent drug-induced overheating of the brain, and potentially refine thermal treatment for cancers.

2017-04-11 : Compact DreamStation CPAP Sleep Apnea Device Makes Travel Easier : DreamStation Go device is designed to simplify travel for patients living with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).

2017-03-25 : Ribcap Protective Hats For Fall Risk Patients : Ribcap is an effective and stylish fall protective cap that can be worn by people of all ages to protect the head from falls.

2017-01-10 : U.S. Access Board Issues New Standards for Medical Diagnostic Equipment : U.S. Access Board issues new accessibility standards for medical diagnostic equipment under section 510 of the Rehabilitation Act.

2016-06-02 : Scalp Cooling Offers Safe Effective Method for Preventing Hair Loss During Chemotherapy : Scalp cooling is a safe, feasible and an effective treatment in the prevention of chemotherapy induced alopecia.

2016-04-01 : Healthcare Market Expected to Reach $136.8 Billion by 2021 : World IoT in healthcare market anticipated to grow owing to wearable smart devices, increasing need for stringent regulations and decreasing cost of sensor technology.

2016-01-05 : Oxxiom: Wireless, Continuous, Fully Disposable Pulse Oximeter : Oxxiom wireless, continuous, fully disposable, single-use pulse oximeter measures arterial oxygen saturation, pulse rate, and perfusion index.

2015-12-07 : Dr. Salvino's Plantar Fasciitis Kit by Everheel : Review of Dr. Salvino's Plantar Fasciitis Kit designed for the relief of heel and foot pain.

2015-04-09 : Health Magnets to Treat Pain - Do They Work : Information regarding the pros and cons of whether health or therapy magnets actually work.

2015-03-22 : Smart Bandage Detects Bed Sores Before They are Visible : New smart bandage uses electrical currents to detect early tissue damage from pressure ulcers, or bedsores.

2015-03-12 : Paxman Scalp Coolers: Stopping Chemotherapy Hair Loss : Paxman scalp coolers showed cooling markedly reduced or completely stopped hair follicles from dying during chemotherapy.

2014-12-16 : Lumbar Spinal Stenosis - Wearable Devices in eHealth Interventions : eHealth interventions can increase mobility and quality of life for patients with LSS and potentially alleviate need for invasive surgical procedures.

2014-09-12 : Kit Protecting Against Spread of Pandemic Flu Best-Seller for Nonprofit St. Louis Firm : A new emergency accessory kit that contains effective supplies to protect from the spread of pandemic flu is proving to be a best-seller for St. Louis-based nonprofit Quake Kare, which packages and distributes the kits individually or as an accessory to its home emergency survival kit..

2014-06-24 : WoundSeal Topical Powder Stops Bleeding Instantly : WoundSeal, a first aid product that stops bleeding through creation of an instant scab, is now available at pharmacies and other retailers.

2014-05-21 : Beaming Power to Medical Chips Within the Body : Wireless system safely transmits energy to small chips paving the way for new electroceutical devices to treat illness or alleviate pain.

2014-05-20 : Smart Socks for People with Diabetes : Information regarding smart sock technology to help prevent foot ulcers and promote feet care for people with diabetes.

2013-12-05 : SOSecure Swim Diaper Continence Product : Review of the SOSecure Swim Diaper Continence Product that stretches and conforms to body shape available in sizes x-small to 5XL.

2013-03-10 : Electric Cars and Bikes do not Interfere with Implanted Cardiac Devices : Mayo Clinic cardiac investigators study potential risk of effects of EMI on patients with implantable devices.

2012-11-05 : Powering a Pacemaker from Your Heartbeat : Device converts energy from beating heart to provide electricity to power a pacemaker eliminating need for replacement when batteries are spent.

2012-07-12 : Inversion Therapy and Teeter Tables : Information and benefits of inversion therapy for your back and spine including brief review of Teeter tables.

2012-07-10 : What are Bariatric Aids, Products or Equipment : Information and definition of bariatric equipment and aids that caters for the larger person and feature increased weight capacities.

2012-05-08 : New Neck Brace Provides More Support and Flexibility than Soft Foam Collars : New improved neck brace for people that need more support and flexibility than traditional soft foam collars offer.

2011-10-03 : Transforming iPhone into High Quality Microscope and Spectrometer : Researchers have transformed everyday iPhones into medical quality imaging and chemical detection devices.

2011-09-28 : Bioness and Functional Electrical Stimulation : Bioness devices are neuro-stimulation systems designed to restore function and recovery in individuals who suffer post-stroke paralysis traumatic brain injury spinal cord injury or multiple sclerosis.

2011-08-21 : Medicare's Competitive Bidding Program for Home Medical Equipment and Services : Proponents of the bidding system have conveyed misleading information that exaggerates the benefits and ignores severe shortcomings of the program.

2011-07-30 : Webb Telescope Technology Helping Human Eyes : Scanning and stitching technology improvements have enabled eye doctors to get much more detailed information about the shape and topography of the human eye.

2011-03-21 : Wheelchair Gym - Complete Home Exercise Solution for Seniors and Wheelchair Users : Home gym suitable for both wheelchairs and power chair users and can be used by seniors who can use exercising equipment while seated in a chair or walker.

2011-03-02 : Infrared Saunas: Can They Relieve Symptoms of Lyme Disease : Infrared saunas furnish a restful and relaxing experience which soothes aching muscles and relieves stress and tension.

2011-02-21 : Revolutionizing the Way Blood Pressure Measurements are Taken : a new blood pressure measurement device is set to revolutionize the way patients blood pressure is measured.

2011-02-10 : Problems Obtaining Needed Home Medical Equipment Services under Controversial Medicare Bidding Program : Medicare beneficiaries report problems receiving home medical equipment and services following implementation of Medicare new competitive bidding program.

2011-02-09 : Medical Device Innovation Initiative Launched - FDA : The new proposed Innovation Pathway program for pioneering medical devices.

2011-01-02 : Reporting Medicare Competitive Bidding for Home Medical Equipment Complaints : Complaints and Concerns about Medicare Competitive Bidding for Home Medical Equipment Can Be Reported Via a Toll-Free Number and Website.

2010-09-23 : Getting a Grip after SCI : Active Hands Company is now a leading manufacturer of gripping aids for the disabled.

2010-07-30 : Loopholes in Approval Process for Medical Devices : From food to cosmetics to prescription drugs to vaccines, Americans rely on the FDA to keep the products we use safe.

2010-07-09 : Helpful Tips on Adult Diapers : Tips on use of adult diapers including wearing and changing incontinence products.

2010-04-15 : Pacemakers and iPods - Any Danger : Earbuds used in iPods and other similar music players can interfere with pacemakers.

2009-11-30 : Smart Phones Offer Quick Acute Appendicitis Diagnosis : Radiologists can accurately diagnose acute appendicitis from remote locations with handheld devices or mobile phone.

2009-07-20 : Head Wraps for Cancer Treatment Patients : The ravages of chemotherapy strips a cancer patient not just of her hair but shards of her self-esteem as well.

2009-02-11 : GPS Locater's for Seniors and Children : Personal GPS units for seniors with medical conditions and young children that allow you to track and locate them if they go missing.

2009-02-07 : Bathroom Assistance Wiping Aid : Bathroom assistance aid when wiping becomes difficult or impossible for seniors.

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