Bathroom Assistance Wiping Aid

Published: 2009/02/07 - Updated: 2010/07/13
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Synopsis: Bathroom assistance aid when wiping becomes difficult or impossible for seniors. When Wiping Becomes Difficult or Impossible For Seniors, A Solution ComfortSeat Toileting Aid Makes It Easier.

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When Wiping Becomes Difficult or Impossible For Seniors, A Solution ComfortSeat Toileting Aid Makes It Easier.

Today's Americans are living longer than previous generations and become increasing challenged by simple day-to-day tasks. While many of these difficulties are merely an inconvenience in their daily lives, few are more demoralizing than losing the ability to wipe oneself after using the bathroom.

Debilitating arthritis, obesity, the effects of a stroke, back pain or stiffness, joint replacement surgeries, injuries, amputation, paralysis, neurological / neuromuscular disorders, and a host of other physical challenges can make it difficult or impossible to perform the twisting and reaching, necessary for wiping.

Hemorrhoids, IBS, IBD, Crohn's Disease, skin irritation, allergies, and nerve damage can also make it too painful for people to wipe themselves properly. The resulting poor hygiene can lead to embarrassment and even more physical problems.

Giving up one's own dignity and independence was once the only solution when they lost the ability to toilet themselves. People had to turn to expensive caretakers, or place the burden on loved ones, to clean them after using the bathroom. Not only was this embarrassing, but often resulted in injuries due to caregivers dropping patients or poor hygiene from improper cleaning. Too many Americans were forced out of their homes and faced the indignity, outrageous cost, and increased risk of injury or infection in nursing facilities - solely because they couldn't toilet themselves.

Today, the solution for many is an award winning Solution ComfortSeat® toileting aid in their home bathroom. With just the press of a button, or a turn of a dial, aging Americans can retain or regain their independence and dignity, by toileting themselves. Each Solution ComfortSeat® unit enables physically challenged users to wash themselves completely clean with fresh water without the need for toilet paper or expensive wet wipes. They can clean themselves whenever they need to, instead of having to wait for someone else to wipe them.

There are many different Solution ComfortSeat® models available that suit a variety of physical challenges. Many units are compatible with the extra-wide heavy-duty Bariatric Toilet Seat, which safely and comfortable supports users up to 500 lbs.

They quickly, and easily, install on top of existing toilets - either replacing or installing under the existing toilet seat. Low-cost units are available to suit any budget, and no plumber is required to install any of the units.

Great Ideas, Inc. - the manufacturer of the Solution ComfortSeat® - has been in the business of helping others, since 1964. The Solution ComfortSeat® line of toileting aids have earned three consecutive Caregiver Friendly Awards, from Today's Caregiver magazine (2004-2006), as well as the praise of many physically challenged users. For gravely injured veterans, or healthy seniors who just want a little assistance in the bathroom, there is a Solution ComfortSeat® model that can meet many special needs. Best of all, no plumber required to install.

To request a free catalog, or for more information, please call 314-629-6183 to talk to a Solution ComfortSeat® Care Representative.

Product information, pricing and ordering info is available at

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