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Infrared Saunas: Can They Relieve Symptoms of Lyme Disease

Published: 2011-03-02 - Updated: 2013-06-04
Author: Chris Moheno -

Synopsis: Infrared saunas furnish a restful and relaxing experience which soothes aching muscles and relieves stress and tension.

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Infrared saunas have developed a strong following because they offer so many benefits.


Much like traditional steam saunas, infrared saunas furnish a restful, relaxing experience which soothes aching muscles and relieves stress and tension. But infrared saunas operate at much lower temperatures than steam saunas, and typically that means a more comfortable sauna experience. Moreover, because the air in infrared saunas is cooler and not humid from all the steam, they are generally better-tolerated by people with cardiac and/or pulmonary issues.

Relaxation in greater comfort isn't their only advantage, however. It is now generally accepted that the deep, penetrating heat of infrared saunas detoxifies the body more thoroughly than the hot, steamy atmosphere of conventional saunas. Many health care practitioners are beginning to recommend that patients use infrared sauna sessions as part of their treatment for a variety of health conditions, including high blood pressure, high cholesterol and obesity.

And now, people who are afflicted with Lyme disease are beginning to understand how their traditional treatment regimens can be enhanced by using infrared saunas on a regular basis. It makes sense, if you stop and think about it. People with Lyme disease suffer from a wide range of symptoms, including headaches, muscle weakness and extreme muscle and joint pain, among other things. In many cases, traditional Lyme disease treatment protocols using IV or oral antibiotics and anti-protozoa medications are not entirely effective. This failure drives some Lyme disease patients to seek relief through alternative treatments, including infrared sauna sessions. Because the warmth of an infrared sauna has a soothing effect on joint and muscle pain, infrared sauna treatments can provide an effective supplement to traditional Lyme disease treatment. In fact, Lyme disease patients who were previously unable to engage in everyday activities such as taking a walk reported improvement after regular infrared sauna sessions. These reports indicate that for at least some Lyme disease patients, infrared saunas are able to help alleviate some of the troublesome symptoms of this condition, including muscle spasms, constant chills, an overwhelming feeling of fatigue and the sensation of being in a mental fog.

Lyme disease is caused by an infection of Borrelia spirochetes (a type of corkscrew-shaped bacteria). Typically, infected ticks transmit them to people through tick bites. Once in a person's bloodstream, the spirochetes invade the muscles, tendons and internal organs. When coupled with the proper pharmacological treatments (IV or oral antibiotics and so forth), the deep, penetrating heat of infrared saunas makes the body be a far less hospitable environment for the spirochetes.

In addition, infrared saunas are known for their ability to detoxify the body. They allow us to sweat out the toxins that can compromise our natural immune systems, enhancing our natural ability to heal ourselves. The detoxifying properties of sweat are facilitated and enhanced by infrared saunas. Increased sweating can help boost the body's immune system, increase the efficiency of the circulatory system, and allow a Lyme patient's medications to reach various areas in the body more efficiently. At the same time, the sauna's heat relaxes the patient's muscles and joints, providing relief from muscular aches and pains and a greater sense of comfort.

Some of these same benefits of infrared saunas for Lyme patients might also be provided by conventional steam saunas, but many patients dealing with compromised immune systems, cardiac or pulmonary issues or other chronic diseases find it difficult to breathe the hot, humid air in a steam sauna. The lower humidity and lower temperatures at which infrared saunas operate prevent this from becoming a potential problem for Lyme patients.

Despite their lower operating temperatures, infrared saunas cause people to sweat just as much (if not more) as they would while using a conventional steam sauna. The deeply penetrating infrared energy stimulates the sweat glands to produce increased quantities of sweat throughout the vast surface area of your skin - not just your armpits, forehead, back and palms, like you might experience if you were sweating from physical exertion. The increased sweat production experienced in an infrared sauna makes the purifying effects of sweating much more efficient and allows a number of harmful toxins to be excreted directly through your skin.

An increasing number of Lyme disease patients are using infrared heat to obtain relief from their symptoms. Consider asking your physician if you might benefit from incorporating regular infrared sauna sessions into your ongoing treatment regimen.

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