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Home Health Monitoring: Products & Device Reviews Document List

This page contains the full list of articles and documents from the Disabled World Home Health Monitors category. Though some documents may have since been updated, or revised, they are still listed by their original publish date, with the most recent documents first.

Home Health Monitoring: Products & Device Reviews Publications

2018-03-01 : Advancing Wearable Technology - Ultra-Stretchable Sensor Does More with Less : Research to create ultra-stretchable sensor transformed into sophisticated inter-disciplinary project resulting in smart wearable device capable of sensing and understanding complex human motion.

2016-05-09 : Smartphones and Wearables May Revolutionize Medical Care for People with Brain Disorders : New collaborative research program will explore potential of wearable devices to help prevent and treat depression, multiple sclerosis and epilepsy.

2016-04-12 : How Do Medical Alert Systems Work : Information regarding components and operation of home medical alert systems.

2016-01-06 : Thermo: Wi-Fi Connected Temporal Thermometer : Withings Thermo Wi-Fi-connected temporal artery thermometer provides fast, accurate, non-invasive body temperature readings.

2015-02-16 : Dip a Stick - Simple Diabetes Test : Dip a Stick provides an accurate way to detect signs of diabetes and is inexpensive, painless and easy to use.

2015-02-03 : Nebulizers: Facts Function and Information : Types, function, and information regarding nebulizers and the potential benefits of using one.

2015-01-21 : SmartTrack Asthma Inhaler Technology : Smart-inhaler device called the SmartTrack by Nexus6 includes audio visual reminder function with standard inhaler technology.

2014-12-05 : LifeVest Wearable Personal Defibrillator Information : LifeVest personal defibrillator delivers a shock to restore the heart to a regular rhythm and is worn by people at risk of sudden cardiac arrest.

2014-09-10 : Evermind: Independent Living Home Monitoring Solution with a Difference : Evermind is an affordable monitoring solution enabling seniors and others who live alone, and their family members, peace of mind.

2014-05-17 : The GiraffPlus Project - Detecting Whether a Person Has Fallen : GiraffPlus has the ability to monitor activities in the home using sensors that can measure blood pressure or detect whether the person has fallen down.

2014-04-23 : CEFALY FDA Approved Migraine Prevention Device Now Available in US : CEFALY Technology announces Cefaly medical device for preventative treatment of migraine headaches is available for purchase in the United States for patients with a medical prescription.

2014-04-22 : Best Basic Heart Rate Monitors Under $100 : Heart Rate Watch Company testing reveals the best Heart rate monitors to buy for under $100.

2014-04-21 : Cheap Blood Glucose Test Strips Due to UniStrip Launch : UniStrip Technologies introduces a much cheaper generic blood glucose test strip for use in LifeScan OneTouch Ultra family of meters.

2014-04-18 : AccuVein: Lightweight Medical Device for Finding Veins : Information on the AccuVein medical device used to easily locate veins beneath a persons skin.

2014-01-28 : CarePredict Wearable Sensor Helps Catch Health Decline in Seniors : CarePredict is a new wearable device that helps others keep track of their aging parents health from a distance.

2011-12-05 : GPS Tracking Shoes for Seniors : GPS Shoes continually report their location to the tracking software which caregivers can use to track the movements of the person wearing them.

2011-07-19 : Ensuring Home Medical Devices Are Easy to Use and Caregivers Well Trained : Report recommends that FDA promote the development of new standards for labels on medical devices intended for use in the home.

2011-01-03 : Project Lifesaver Releases Top Rescue and Milestones of 2010 : Effectively Demonstrating the Success of Radio Frequency Technology in Helping Find Those with Cognitive Conditions Who Wander.

2010-11-18 : Finding Those with Cognitive Conditions Who Wander - Project Lifesaver International : Effectiveness of technology in helping find those with cognitive conditions like alzheimers autism and down syndrome who wander.

2010-08-06 : Home Wireless Emergency Call Intercom : The Emergency Call button allows you to wirelessly talk with anyone anywhere in or around your home.

2010-04-26 : DIDGET Monitors Blood Glucose via Nintendo DS : Diabetes blood glucose monitoring system connects with nintendo DS and DS lite game consoles to monitor blood glucose levels.

2010-02-04 : People with Alzheimer's Wandering Off : Tracking devices such as LoJack SafetyNet a good way to locate someone with Alzheimer's if they wander.

2009-10-15 : EmFinders EmSeeQ Tracking Device to Locate Wandering Individuals : Tracking device for people with disabilities and children who wander including persons with Alzheimers disease dementia and autism.

2009-08-28 : Mp3 Heart Rate Monitor for Unborn Babies : A new type of fetal heart monitor could save the lives of unborn infants in complicated pregnancies.

2009-03-18 : Medical ID Bracelets and Keyrings : Offers a number of solutions for wearing medical id tags bracelets and keyrings to aid in an emergency.

2009-02-22 : Nationwide Monitor Service Helps Lost Autistic Children and Adults : New US nationwide service aids in helping find lost autistic children and adults and eases worry for parents and caregivers.

2009-02-08 : Home Health Care Equipment : Home health care equipment makes it possible for people to be directly involved in maintaining their own health care.

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