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Home Health Monitoring: Products & Device Reviews Document List

This page contains the full list of articles and documents from the Disabled World Home Health Monitors category. Though topics may have since been updated they are listed by their original publish date, with the most recent documents first.

Publication List

2016-05-09Smartphones and Wearables May Revolutionize Medical Care for People with Brain Disorders
2016-04-12Understanding Medical Alert Systems
2016-01-06Thermo: Wi-Fi Connected Temporal Thermometer
2015-02-16Dip a Stick - Simple Diabetes Test
2015-02-03Nebulizers: Facts Function and Information
2015-01-21SmartTrack Asthma Inhaler Technology
2014-12-05LifeVest Wearable Personal Defibrillator Information
2014-09-10Evermind: Independent Living Home Monitoring Solution with a Difference
2014-05-17The GiraffPlus Project - Detecting Whether a Person Has Fallen
2014-04-23CEFALY FDA Approved Migraine Prevention Device Now Available in US
2014-04-22Best Basic Heart Rate Monitors Under $100
2014-04-21Cheap Blood Glucose Test Strips Due to UniStrip Launch
2014-04-18AccuVein: Lightweight Medical Device for Finding Veins
2014-01-28CarePredict Wearable Sensor Helps Catch Health Decline in Seniors
2011-12-05GPS Tracking Shoes for Seniors
2011-07-19Ensuring Home Medical Devices Are Easy to Use and Caregivers Well Trained
2011-01-03Project Lifesaver Releases Top Rescue and Milestones of 2010
2010-11-18Finding Those with Cognitive Conditions Who Wander - Project Lifesaver International
2010-08-06Home Wireless Emergency Call Intercom
2010-04-26DIDGET Monitors Blood Glucose via Nintendo DS
2010-02-04People with Alzheimer's Wandering Off
2009-10-15EmFinders EmSeeQ Tracking Device to Locate Wandering Individuals
2009-08-28Mp3 Heart Rate Monitor for Unborn Babies
2009-03-18Medical ID Bracelets and Keyrings
2009-02-22Nationwide Monitor Service Helps Lost Autistic Children and Adults
2009-02-08Home Health Care Equipment

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