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Nationwide Monitor Service Helps Lost Autistic Children and Adults

  • Published: 2009-02-22 : Author: AUTISM EMERGENCY ALERT SERVICE LLC
  • Synopsis: New US nationwide service aids in helping find lost autistic children and adults and eases worry for parents and caregivers.

Main Document

Immediate emergency blitz to Police/Rescue, family, friends, neighbors, schools, and the media with pictures and the personal profile of the missing autistic person prompts faster action and eases a little worry for parents and caregivers.

Immediate emergency blitz to Police/Rescue, family, friends, neighbors, schools, and the media with pictures and the personal profile of the missing autistic person prompts faster action and eases a little worry for parents and caregivers.

Johnny was just four years old when he jumped two chain link fences in his bare feet and diapers and fell into a swimming pool at a neighbor's house. What could have been a disaster turned out OK when the neighbor jumped into the pool and dragged him out. Johnny is nine years old now and a privacy fence is up in our yard, but the dangers associated with autism still exist today.

With autism being diagnosed at an epidemic rate, the need for quick response and action when it comes to an autistic child or adult lost or missing is a huge concern for parents and caregivers. AUTISM EMERGENCY ALERT SERVICE LLC, a new nationwide monitoring service, helps parents and caregivers and eases a little of their worry and anxiety.

A missing autistic child or adult (which is reported everyday across the globe) is an absolute frantic situation due to the usual low mental maturity of the autistic individual. You might have a twelve year old boy with the body of an NFL linebacker backer but the mental capacity of an eighteen month old. Very often autistic individuals never speak which greatens the potential for disaster.

AUTISM EMERGENCY ALERT SERVICE LLC helps families by contacting the Police / Sheriff Departments, family members, friends, neighbors, schools, and the local media through emergency phone calls, faxes and e-mails.

Current photographs and a copy of the autistic individuals personal profile is used to quicken the search and expedite the information necessary for a favorable outcome and fast recovery. In other words, the frantic parents or caregiver can concentrate on finding the child or adult while emergency contact and information sharing is initiated and taken care of by AUTISM EMERGENCY ALERT SERVICE LLC. This service can even be used when the family goes away on vacation or travels across the United States.

At just $59.95 per year, that's sixteen cents per day, this is an invaluable service to aid the autistic family and is being welcomed with open arms by Police and Rescue Departments across the United States for its proactive approach.

Reference: For additional information on AUTISM EMERGENCY ALERT SERVICE LLC contact founder John McNamara @

Contact: John McNamara / Founder
autismemergencyalertservice ( @ ) yahoo dot com
1-877-321-AUTISM / 1-877-321-2884
John McNamara, Founder
877-321-AUTISM (877-321-2884)
alertserviceinfo ( @ ) autismemergencyalertservice dot com

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