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SOSecure Swim Diaper Continence Product

  • Published: 2013-12-05 : Author: Disabled World : Contact: Ph: 1-877-551-6577 - -
  • Synopsis: Review of the SOSecure Swim Diaper Continence Product that stretches and conforms to body shape available in sizes x-small to 5XL.

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"The garment can be closed on an angle to accommodate both those with small waist and large hips, or persons with large waist sizes and smaller hip and thighs."

If necessity is the Mother of Invention, perhaps mothers are the best inventors.

When Discovery Trekking Outfitters designed the SOSecure swim diaper, they did so out of need.

The former owner of the company could not find an effective swim diaper for her teenage son, so he was not allowed in the pool. Although there were a few products available, they simply didn't fit properly which resulted in poor containment.

"They were difficult to put on. The rigid fabric did not stretch or allow for ease of movement. They were uncomfortable, and not particularly discreet. It wasn't hard to see that the design was wrong," says Leslie Hanes, present owner of Discovery Trekking Outfitters.

There were many challenges in developing the swim diaper. Almost all containment garments were made from inexpensive nylon or cotton.

Child size swim diaper picture
About This Image: Child size swim diaper picture
"Other swim diapers do not stretch or conform to the shape of the body," says Hanes. "It is quite obvious to everyone, when a person is wearing these garments. They often fill with air, which can be quite embarrassing."

Having experience in the outerwear industry, Discovery Trekking Outfitters expertise is in specialty high-tech fabrics. Naturally, the garment must be waterproof, but soft and comfortable next to skin. It needed to have 4-way stretch to fit snugly, contain more effectively and allow for extra adjust-ability.

"We wanted the garment to fit very discreetly, in order to maintain personal dignity," says Hanes. " We soon realized that the fabric did not exist. So, we worked with several North American mills to develop the perfect solution. While more costly, it is washable and very long-lasting, and ultimately is the best investment."

Discovery Trekking Outfitters trade marked the name SOSecure as they truly feel it is the superior swim diaper on the market.

Many of Discovery Trekking Outfitters clients lead active lives and are able to dress themselves, however some cannot. Therefore the swim diaper needed to open fully for ease in dressing.

"There are many body shapes, and the hook and loop (like Velcro) closures enable adjustments that take this into consideration," says Hanes.

The garment can be closed on an angle to accommodate both those with small waist and large hips, or persons with large waist sizes and smaller hip and thighs. This is extremely important for both comfort and effectiveness. Each swim diaper fits a waist or hip size range to allow for growth, weight gain or loss, in sizes from x-small to 5XL.

"We did not set out to become supplier of continence products," says Hanes who just launched a child's version of the swim diaper just this year. In fact, Discovery Trekking has grown mainly due to the huge popularity of their specialty moisture-wicking, anti-bacterial towels, stay-dry bedding, and clothing.

"Most large continence manufacturers have overlooked the needs of adults and teens that require products such as the adult swim diaper," says Hanes. "This market is considered too small to be financially viable. We disagree. Having realized the importance of providing such necessary products, we hope that others will not share the frustration we felt when Bradley was not allowed to swim."

"We are on a mission to make swimming accessible to everyone," says Hanes. "So it was only a natural fit for us to launch the child's swim diaper."

More information about the SOSecure Containment Swim Brief, including sizing can be found at www.SOSecureProducts,com;, and from other online providers of continence supplies.

The SOSecure garment is currently available in adult, teen sizes and now a version for children from ages 5-12 years old. These swim diapers are substantially better than any currently available, and will last for several years of growth.

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