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Assistive Technology Solutions for Individuals with Speech Disabilities

  • Synopsis: Published: 2010-04-01 - Helpful solutions and information for people with speech disabilities. For further information pertaining to this article contact: Saltillo Corporation.

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Silver Kite Launches Today, Offering Best-in-Class Assistive Technology Solutions for Individuals with Speech Disabilities - Easy-to-Use Resource Delivers Products and Support Services from Industry's Top Companies - Saltillo, PRC, and AMDi.

Silver Kite, a comprehensive new resource offering helpful solutions and information for people with speech disabilities, was launched today by three leading companies in assistive technology: Saltillo, PRC, and AMDi.

On Silver Kite's robust website,, educators, therapists, users of assistive technology, and caregivers can now more easily browse, select, and purchase the industry's best communication products.

The site presents products from several manufacturers in one place, plus support features to aid product selection and implementation, including training videos, teaching resources, and user reviews. Live chat capabilities are planned to enable site visitors to speak directly with clinicians about product selection and use.

"Our goal is to consolidate in one convenient place the most effective assistive technology products and support to help customers make informed product choices," said Dave Hershberger, President of Saltillo. "We're committed to enabling everyone with differing abilities to soar independently, like a kite in the air. Silver Kite provides tools and personal guidance to make selecting the right product easier."

The Silver Kite Preferred Partner program saves schools, clinics, and other large-volume customers 5-10% on purchases and provides priority access to device loaners, implementation webinars, and more.

For more information, go to or call (800) 382-8622.

The Leaders Behind Silver Kite

Silver Kite is a joint venture by three of the best-known companies in assistive technology:

Saltillo Corporation is dedicated to making personal communication possible for individuals unable to use their natural voice. Saltillo develops, manufactures, and distributes assistive technology, including voice output communication devices, voice amplification, and memory assistance products. (800) 382-8622;

PRC (Prentke Romich Company) is a global leader in developing and manufacturing augmentative communication devices, computer access products, and assistive technology for people with severe disabilities. PRC products have enabled children and adults worldwide with speech disorders to achieve spontaneous, independent communication. (800) 262-1984;

Advanced Multimedia Devices, Inc. (AMDi) specializes in augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) devices that improve the lives of people with severe speech disorders. The company manufactures a full line of communication products, from single message through dynamic screen communicators, plus special switches and other accessories. (888) 353-2634;

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