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WoundSeal Topical Powder Stops Bleeding Instantly

  • Published: 2014-06-24 : Author: Biolife LLC : Contact:
  • Synopsis: WoundSeal, a first aid product that stops bleeding through creation of an instant scab, is now available at pharmacies and other retailers.

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"Like adhesive bandages were 100 years ago, I believe WoundSeal will become the standard anytime someone bleeds."

Biolife LLC announced that its WoundSeal topical powder, a consumer product that stops bleeding instantly, has cumulatively sold through more than 4 million applications across the United States as of June 1, 2014. WoundSeal stops minor external bleeding through the creation of an instant scab (or seal) once the powder combines with the wound's own blood.

"The response from seniors with thin skin, those who bleed easily and active adults who want to stop bleeding instantly has been overwhelming and we are truly humbled that they are selecting WoundSeal as their next generation first aid choice," said Andrew McFall, vice president of Biolife. "We're thrilled consumers have tested our guarantee and have come back to buy our product to care for themselves and their family.

"Each time they use a single WoundSeal application, they are reinventing first aid in this country."

WoundSeal powder being applied to forearm
About This Image: WoundSeal powder being applied to forearm
Often referred to as "magic dirt" by physicians for the color of the scab it creates, WoundSeal is composed of a hydrophilic, or water-loving, polymer and potassium ferrate. When the powder is poured onto a bleeding wound, the polymer instantly dehydrates the blood and the potassium binds the blood solids to form an occlusive seal. Simply put, powder + blood + pressure = instant scab.

According to Louis Guzzi, M.D., a leading Florida critical care physician, the success of WoundSeal coincides with how it changes the lives of people who use it.

"Millions suffer from bleeding every day. Seniors can't fully stop bleeding for hours or days because of thin skin and the medications they use, which keeps them isolated from an active life. Mothers in the sandwich generation spend time and money to treat both their kids and their parents with products that don't work efficiently. As it does in the hospital, WoundSeal provides a breakthrough, peace-of-mind solution that stops bleeding in seconds and gets people back into life quickly and safely.

"Like adhesive bandages were 100 years ago, I believe WoundSeal will become the standard anytime someone bleeds."

In addition to retail, Biolife markets its topical powder to occupational health, sports training and healthcare markets. It's even been used by veterinarians.

WoundSeal is the only first aid product that stops minor external bleeding through the creation of an instant scab (or seal) once the powder combines with the wound's own blood. Used in hospitals, trusted by doctors and guaranteed to work anytime, anywhere, clinically-tested WoundSeal is now available nationwide at leading pharmacies, other retailers and at

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