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Mobility Aids and Ambulation Devices Document List

This page contains the full list of articles and documents from the Disabled World Mobility Aids and Devices category. Though topics may have since been updated they are listed by their original publish date, with the most recent documents first.

Publication List

2017-06-16Disabled Americans in Big Cities Find Many Mobility Challenges
2017-04-13WHILL WeDrive - Free Online Community for Mobility Device Users
2017-04-02Man with Quadriplegia Uses Brain Interface Technology to Move Again
2017-03-23New Affordable Wheelchair Tennis Chair
2016-12-14Engineering Students Class Project Gives Gift of Mobility
2016-06-08Child Exoskeleton for Spinal Muscular Atrophy a World's First
2016-03-18iWheelchair - Intelligent Wheelchair System
2016-01-11Robotic Glove Helps Restore Hand Movement
2015-12-29Implantable Device to Reanimate Paralyzed Limbs
2015-12-18Tandemonium Side-by-Side Cycle
2015-12-17ReWalk Robotics Exoskeletons - Veterans Affairs Issues National Coverage Policy
2015-12-17The Gift of Mobility Giveaway
2014-11-09Non-profit Foundation Fighting Friedreich's Ataxia Names Catrike Partner of the Year
2014-11-03ReWalk Motorized Device Helps People with Disabilities to Walk
2014-10-30Thoughts Concerning Aging and Personal Mobility
2013-07-31Beneficiaries Left with Limited Mobility Due to Medicare Policies Restricting Power Wheelchair Repairs
2013-04-04Segway - A Legal Personal Assistive Device
2013-01-21Indego - New Exoskeleton Device
2012-05-08RetroLift - Electric Vertical Lift for Conventional Wheelchairs
2012-03-15Robotic Mobilization Device - Tek RMD
2011-04-07Cane Expressions - Change a Plain Cane Into a Fashion Accessory
2010-12-16Lose the Tennis Balls Campaign - Why Tennis Balls on Walkers are Dangerous
2010-12-08Maintaining Mobility in Older Age
2010-09-15Reinventing the Wheel: Wheelchair Wheel that Folds
2010-09-11Step & See Walker Device Will Help Avoid Injuries or Worse
2010-05-07Power Mobility: Independence and Joy for Medicare Patients
2009-12-02The Exmovere Chariot Self-Balancing Vehicle
2009-07-30Selecting a Mobility Device
2009-06-26TeleStik Reachers for the Disabled and Seniors with Reaching Difficulties
2009-01-29Seniors and Mobility Staying Mobile
2009-01-29Mobility Aids for Moving and Handling

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