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Wild and Wacky Wheelchairs Publications
Title of
Updated / Revised
Electric Wheelchair Concept DesignsInformative2023/11/252023/11/26
Speculative Volvo Electric Wheelchair Design ConceptsInformative2023/11/25
Speculative Electric Wheelchair if Designed by ToyotaInformative2023/11/252023/12/14
Speculative Tesla Electric Wheelchair DesignsInformative2023/11/25
Speculative Subaru Electric Wheelchair Concept DesignsInformative2023/11/25
Speculative Rolls Royce Electric Wheelchair ConceptInformative2023/11/25
Speculative Concept of a Porsche Designed Electric WheelchairInformative2023/11/25
Embracing Accessibility: Microsoft's Imaginative Concepts for Electric Wheelchair DesignsInformative2023/11/25
Mercedes' Visionary Concept Electric Wheelchair DesignsInformative2023/11/242023/11/25
Land Rover Concept Electric Wheelchair DesignsInformative2023/11/242023/11/25
Lamborghini Electric Wheelchair Concept DesignsInformative2023/11/242023/11/25
Kia's Visionary Electric Wheelchair Concept DesignsInformative2023/11/242023/11/25
Holden Electric Wheelchair Concept DesignsInformative2023/11/242023/11/25
Google Innovative Electric Wheelchair Concept DesignsInformative2023/11/242023/11/25
Conceptual Ford Inspired Electric Wheelchair DesignsInformative2023/11/242023/11/25
Revving Up the Future: A Look at Innovative Electric Wheelchair Designs Inspired by FerrariInformative2023/11/242023/11/25
Previewing Innovative Electric Wheelchair Designs Inspired by BMWInformative2023/11/242023/11/25
Imagining the Future: A Glimpse at Bentley-Inspired Electric Wheelchair DesignsInformative2023/11/232023/11/25
What a Futuristic Apple Electric Wheelchair May Look LikeInformative2023/11/232023/11/25
What an Amazon Designed Electric Wheelchair May Look LikeInformative2023/11/232023/11/25
Daymak All Terrain Boomerbeast 2 Mobility Scooter2019/09/192021/02/21
Beach Access Wheelchair with 4 Large Balloon Tires2019/04/152021/02/21
Boomerbeast: All-terrain AWD 3 Wheel Mobility Scooter2017/05/012021/02/21
WHILL Model M Personal Electric Vehicle Redefines Mobility for Wheelchair UsersProduct Release / Update2017/01/042023/09/19
SafariSeat All terrain Wheelchair for People in Developing Countries2016/10/192021/02/21
Tandemonium Side-by-Side Mobility Cycle2015/12/182021/07/09
All Terrain Freedom Chair from Crosswind Concepts2014/10/102021/02/21
Hexhog All-terrain Wheelchair ATV2014/08/062021/02/21
Wheelchair with Adjustable Seat Height2013/03/212022/04/05
Mountain Trike All Terrain Wheelchair2013/03/202021/02/21
Creating the Spectacle!: Underwater Wheelchair VideoNews2012/07/282023/10/09
Beach Wheelchairs: The Joy on the Beach (JoB)2010/07/092021/02/21

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