Wild and Wacky Wheelchairs and Mobility Scooters

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Synopsis: Images, GIFs, and video clips of wild and wacky wheelchair designs including imaginative, innovative, and creative mobility scooter conceptions. Collection of weird, cool, fun, unusual, innovative, and awesome wheelchairs and mobility scooters in image, video, or Gif format. Interesting images featuring wild and wacky radical designs of mobility scooters and wheelchairs sourced from around the world.

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This section of Disabled World provides photo's, videos, illustrations and design plans featuring various inventive mobility scooters and wheelchair conceptions that range from both practical to pimped incredible and bizarre contraptions.

Modified customized wheelchairs are often specially designed by companies as a custom fit to meet a specific individual's needs, but they can also be created as a "backyard project" - which can result in some amazing and quite often very practical mobility devices.

These unique highly customized wheelchair conversions range from adapted pediatric power wheelchairs, to tank wheelchairs complete with "tracks" and amazing off-road capabilities, commonly known as all terrain wheelchairs.

Be sure to check out our series electric wheelchair concept designs that explores the possibilities of; if wheelchairs were designed by car manufacturers and Internet brands today, what exciting advancements may we expect and what would they look like?

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Man seated in a walking wheelchair as seen at Burning Man.
Man seated in a walking wheelchair as seen at Burning Man.

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Gif file of a man controlling a moving walking wheelchair with metallic legs seen at Burning Man.
Gif file of a man controlling a moving walking wheelchair with metallic legs seen at Burning Man.

NOTE: Disabled World has collected and assembled these images, videos, and GIFs of wild and wacky wheelchairs and mobility scooters from various online sources and have provided citation to the original source whenever possible. If you are the provable owner of a photo that you would like us to either provide credit to the picture, or remove the image from our list, please contact us.

If you have, or know of, a strange, weird, or wacky wheelchair or scooter design, video, or image you would like us to display in this area, please contact us providing the details and/or image, GIF or video clip link.


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