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Horizon Electric Trike - Mobility for People with Disabilities

  • Synopsis: Published: 2014-03-22 - Information by Outrider USA on the Horizon Electric Trike Kickstarter campaign as a mobility option for people with physical disabilities. For further information pertaining to this article contact: Outrider USA at

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Quote: "The Horizon adapts to the abilities of the rider - from riders with full leg and arm function to riders with limited function such as paraplegics and quadriplegics."

Outrider USA wants to bring the joy of bike riding and mobility to people with physical disabilities, with their new electric bike, Horizon. Founders Jesse Lee, Tom Ausherman, and Daniel Rhyne launched a 30 day Kickstarter campaign with a goal of raising $100k for the first production run.

"The driving mission behind the Horizon trike is simple: Just because an individual has a physical disability, doesn't mean they don't still crave the adventure and freedom of riding a bike," said Jesse Lee, Outrider Co-Founder. "When we combined that mission with our experience building the world's highest performing electric bikes, the Horizon was born - and the feedback on the prototypes has been incredibly positive."

Horizon: Making Bike Riding More Accessible

Component breakdown of the Horizon Trike
About This Image: Component breakdown of the Horizon Trike
The Horizon has been co-designed with quadriplegic adventurer Christopher J. Wenner Ph.D. who contacted Outrider just over a year ago with the dream of building an electric trike he could ride. Chris is now riding the first Horizon prototype and has already taken some incredible trips. "The feeling of riding this is exactly like I remember riding my mountain bike before my injury," said Chris Wenner.

Outrider USA believes that what makes people different is also what makes them amazing. "So, when we designed the Horizon, we were striving for a cycle that could be ridden by as many people as possible," said Tom Ausherman of Outrider USA.

The Horizon adapts to the abilities of the rider - from riders with full leg and arm function to riders with limited function such as paraplegics and quadriplegics. It is possible to ride the Horizon:

  • with full function of your arms and legs
  • with left hand/arm only
  • with right hand/arm only
  • with upper body function but limited leg function
  • with upper body function but no leg function
  • with limited function in both your arms and legs (you'll need some amount of arm function for steering, braking and throttle.)
  • with any combination of the above

Horizon: Like No Other Electric Bike

Horizon is not your typical electric bike. Outrider describes the Horizon as "the bike for your super-hero alter ego." With its adaptive-use design and powerful electric assist technology, Horizon is ready for adventures on the street or the road less traveled.

Power options of the Horizon Trike
About This Image: Power options of the Horizon Trike
Features of the Horizon:

  • Adaptable and customizable for a range of physical abilities
  • Foot Pedals or Hand Pedals (with foot-tray)
  • Standard hand controls or adapted use hand controls (tri-pin)
  • Actuated seat (rising) to make getting in and out of the seat easier
  • Fold down handlebars for side entry to the seat
  • Three wheels and low center of gravity make balancing simple

Electric assist:

  • Twist the throttle when you want a boost, pedal when you want, or do both together. It's totally up to you.
  • Horizon is capable of tackling steep mountains and seriously long distances
  • Speeds reach up to 30 mph.
  • Forward and Reverse

Made in the USA:

  • All Outrider trikes are hand assembled in Fletcher, North Carolina.

Kickstarter Campaign

The Outrider Kickstarter campaign runs from March 11 to April 9. As with all Kickstarter campaigns, it's all or nothing: They need to reach their goal of $100k by the deadline or they won't receive any of the money pledged.

Outrider has designed and built the first prototype, but needs funding help with the tooling and production costs of the first production run. With crowd-funding support, they will be able to distribute a portion of this first production run to adaptive centers and rehab facilities across the United States and receive valuable feedback from beta testers.

"Bringing a product to production that is as technologically complex and as high performance as the Horizon trike is a big undertaking," said Tom Ausherman of Outrider USA. " We've been innovating in the electric bike industry for a combined 15 years, and we know without a doubt we have the team and expertise to bring the Horizon to the marketplace. We're making big waves, but we're still a small company so we need your help to bring it to production!"

Outrider USA is located in Fletcher, NC and has been producing high performance electric bikes and trikes since 2009. Formerly known as "FFR Trikes", Outrider's record setting first and second place finish at the 2012 Pike's Peak Hill-climb competition has sparked performance oriented innovation in the growing electric bike industry.

Recently, Outrider was featured on GizMag, Inhabitat,, and reviewed by for a perfect score of 100/100.

Outrider USA has received rave reviews for their line of recumbent electric bikes and trikes.

"This counts as my favorite test ride of any production electric bike ever. Outrider trikes are so much fun to ride that anyone spending a day on one... will probably not forget that day for the rest of their life." -

For more information, visit

To find out more about the Outrider USA Kickstarter campaign, visit

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