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Electric Liberty Trike: Mobility for Seniors and Disabled

  • Published: 2015-09-17 (Revised/Updated 2017-02-09) : Author: Disabled World : Contact: Disabled World
  • Synopsis: The Electric Liberty Trike is a mobility electric tricycle designed for everyone on the go including people with disabilities and seniors.

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"With an industrial frame made in the USA and patent pending hinge, which allows the trike to fold or separate, it's easy to take anywhere!"

Aging and physical limitations shouldn't have to mean slowing down or that you can't enjoy cycling.

This built-in-the-USA electric trike with patent-pending design is ultra portable and can be driven effortlessly with the twist of a throttle or a little pedal power, allowing for more physical activity.

With a unique compact design, powerful hub motor, 360-degree turning radius and reverse function, it can maneuver in between small spaces, down hallways or aisles, turn on a dime and level steep hills.

The Electric Liberty Trike is the ultimate mobility solution that allows you to leave your car at home, get around effortlessly and become more active outdoors.

The Red Electric Liberty Trike
About This Image: The Red Electric Liberty Trike
The Liberty Trike is a powerful, compact, stable, ultra-portable, safe, reliable, one of a kind electric tricycle designed for everyone on the go.

With an industrial frame made in the USA and patent pending hinge, which allows the trike to fold or separate, it's easy to take anywhere!

The Liberty Trike is for anyone who wants to ride, more often, with stability and assistance. It can be used in hundreds of scenarios to improve your lifestyle, whether you're at the beach, the park, in the city, around the house or anywhere else!

Liberty Trike gives adults the ability to be more active or to move effortlessly.

Using the electric drive system, riders can be outside more, doing more, moving more. As an active mobility solution, the Liberty Trike gives you the option to get some physical activity when you want it. This is one of the biggest benefits of the Liberty Trike when compared to a conventional mobility scooter.

Electric Liberty Trike
About This Image: Electric Liberty Trike
Features Include:

Liberty Trike Pedal Drive
About This Image: Liberty Trike Pedal Drive

Frequently Asked Questions:

How much does it cost?

The MSRP of the Liberty Trike will be $1,998 USD.

The earliest supporters, on Indiegogo, are being offered discounts up to 50% (SAVE $999 and pay $999).

How fast does it go?

The Liberty Trike is governed at a top speed of 7.5 MPH for safety. Riders may pedal faster on their own without any restrictions. The motor will help up to 7.5 MPH max and will not have any resistance to natural pedal power above that top assisted speed.

How far does it go?

The range for the Liberty Trike is 18 to 30 miles with the supplied 36v10ah LiFePO battery pack, per full charge. The final range per full charge will ultimately depend on the total load (weight of rider and cargo), input and terrain.

Liberty Trike Electric Drive
About This Image: Liberty Trike Electric Drive
How long does it take to recharge?

The charge time for the supplied battery pack with 2.5amp charger is about 3.5 hours from empty to full. Like a cell phone, the battery may be charged at any time and the charge time will depend on the present level of charge in the battery.

Do I need a driver's license?

No, the Liberty Trike system is well under the Federal regulations for a motorized vehicle and is as street legal as any conventional tricycle in most, if not all, states. Please check with your local DMV or regulatory authority if you are unsure.

Is the Liberty Trike covered by Medicaid?

The Liberty Trike is not a medical device and, therefore, is not covered by Medicaid.

Meet the Team:

Liberty Trike Storage Basket
About This Image: Liberty Trike Storage Basket
Jason Kraft | Founder & CEO, Electric Bike Technologies

Jason founded Electric Bike Technologies in 2008. Since then, the company has grown exponentially with its line of electric bike and trike conversion systems. Jason is well known within the electric bike industry and was appointed this year to manage the Electric Bike Industry group on LinkedIn with close to 4,000 members. Jason is the face of the company and manages a team of dedicated employees that have proven themselves worthy of bringing products like the Liberty Trike to market. "'Under-promise and over-deliver' is our mantra in everything we do, and that's the plan for the Liberty Trike."

Wayne Sosin | President, Worksman Cycles

Wayne Sosin is a 35 year veteran of the cycle industry and serves as President of Worksman Cycles, America's oldest cycle manufacturer. Wayne oversees the operations of the 118 year old company that has earned the reputation of producing the world's toughest cycles. Worksman Cycles are used by virtually all major manufacturers across America, as well as the United States Armed Forces and countless businesses, colleges and resorts. "We're planning to use our expertise in tricycle manufacturing, sourcing and design to bring the Liberty Trike to market."

Electric Bike Technologies

Liberty Trike Digital Dashboard
About This Image: Liberty Trike Digital Dashboard
Electric Bike Technologies specializes in developing, manufacturing and distributing affordable high-quality electric bicycle drive systems, motors, batteries and components. The company has earned a reputation for delivering the best value and best user experience in electric bike conversion with their flagship product the EBikeKit brand conversion kit systems. With strong manufacturing partners in the U.S. and Asia, a fast growing network of authorized dealers and a reputation for outstanding service, Electric Bike Technologies is committed to advancing the use of electric bikes.

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