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Mobility Scooter Parts: Maintenance & Accessories Information

  • Synopsis: Information about the range of mobility scooter accessories available including ramps canopies maintaining your scooter and parts availability.

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Mobility Scooters can be customized to fit the user's exact needs. Depending on the model of scooter and the user's requirements, additional products can help you get even more out of your mobility scooter.

The range of mobility scooter accessories includes various products ranging from bigger batteries, to mobility canopies to walking stick holders.

Bigger batteries can be expensive, depending on the model of scooter, and the size of battery. However, if you regularly covering large distances, or feel restricted as you can't travel as far as you wish, then a battery upgrade will be cost effective. If you regularly dismantle your scooter to go in the car, it is worthwhile remembering that bigger batteries will be heavier.

If you regularly travel off road, or on long journeys, different tires may be available for your mobility scooter.

Pneumatic tires provide a comfortable ride and are usually fitted to the larger scooters as standard. It is possible to puncture-proof tires so that you can enjoy benefits of pneumatic tires and won't suffer from a puncture.

Some disabled scooters have the option of a different sort of tiller to control your scooter.

A Delta tiller allows the same hand to control both forward and reverse, and works by the hand either pulling or pushing the lever to control the scooter. This can be beneficial if one hand tires easily, or if one hand is stronger than the other.

A crutch or walking stick holder will mean that you can take your crutches or walking stick with you wherever you go.

An oxygen cylinder holder might also be available for your scooter.

Rear view mirrors are available, and can make reversing into a garage or shed even easier, especially if you struggle to turn your head. These mirrors are also found on the road legal scooters, so that users can see the traffic behind them.

A mobility scooter bag or pouch can make carrying your shopping or other items easier.

This can range from a small pouch that will fit on the scooters armrest which is ideal for carrying car keys and a mobile phone, to a large bag that will fit on the back of seat and will hold a lot of shopping, or all the necessary items for a day out.

Mobility canopies and capes are available to protect you and your scooter in adverse weather conditions.

These range from a cape that covers the user and the scooter to a canopy that completely encloses the user and scooter from the elements. Mobility canopies are mainly designed for the larger pavement and road-legal scooters whilst capes will fit most scooters and users.

Mobility ramps are available so that you can get your mobility scooter into a car, up outdoor steps, or over up a step in the home.

These are available in aluminum and fiberglass and some mobility ramps even fold so that they can be kept in the car.

Other mobility ramps are available for permanent outdoor use to aid getting in and out of buildings for example. These models often have handrails, and are lightweight.

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