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TGA Scoot and Be Seen Mobility Scooter Safety Campaign

  • Published: 2015-10-18 (Revised/Updated 2016-06-11) : Author: TGA Electric Leisure Limited : Contact:
  • Synopsis: TGA high visibility bag mounts over the back of a mobility scooter seat and acts as a reflective area clearly visible in limited light.

TGA, a leading nationwide specialist in mobility scooters, has introduced a new "Scoot and Be Seen' initiative to ensure its customers can maximize their visibility and safety during the winter and beyond.

Since opening 30 years ago, TGA has always focused on the safety of its scooter customers. Not only does this family-run company supply an award-winning range of reliable and quality products, its customer care and servicing teams deliver impeccable support to end users. The TGA range including the flagship Breeze S4, cutting edge Vita range and the folding Minimo family are proven to deliver independence with peace of mind. Despite models such as the Vita 4 including the latest LED high intensity head and rear lights, TGA is committed to providing a comprehensive package of support that enhances safety.

TGA's ongoing commitment to scooter owner safety includes personalized pre-ownership assessments, driver training and self-maintenance advice. With the onset of darker nights, TGA has added to these services by launching its "Scoot and Be Seen' campaign that will raise awareness about safe driving. It will include free advice and driving tips, availability to a wider range of high visibility accessories and a free high-vis scooter bag with every scooter purchase. TGA national press exposure and online coverage will be used to raise awareness regarding safety and encourage scooter owners to be more informed and aware of their own capabilities. They will benefit from greater confidence and enjoyment through an ability to make the right driving decisions, increasing the safety of all highway users.

The giveaway TGA high visibility bag can be mounted over the back of a mobility scooter seat so it acts as a reflective area that is clearly visible in limited light. It can be quickly detached and used as a normal backpack when the owner is away from his or her scooter. Daniel Stone, TGA Managing Director explains: "Our high visibility bag is an excellent added value incentive, however it is only a small part of TGA's program to enhance customer safety. Fundamental to this is our process behind product selection, driven by a structured identification of individual customer needs. Only through this can we be sure every scooter will make a real difference to independence and is suitable for safe, controlled driving. We are fully aware this is essential for the well-being and safety of scooter owners, pedestrians and other road users."

Daniel adds;

"With the launch of our "Scoot and Be Seen' campaign, we will be making all customers more aware of the services and products we offer for safe driving. Many of our products have in-built safety mechanisms such as energy-absorbing bumpers and cutting edge LED lights and indicators. There will be safety literature available along with free advice on our website regarding driving tips, "rules of the road', the importance of regular servicing and how to keep scooter performance at its best during winter. Our social media channels will also be sharing this invaluable information to benefit all people within our vibrant online community. Our extensive range of high visibility equipment will also be highlighted including "snap-wraps', flashing LED arm and leg bands, jackets and stickers - low cost but highly effective. Choosing for our highly effective and award-winning puncture sealant to be injected in pneumatic tires also adds to the safety package TGA can deliver. We have a duty of care to our customers and this latest initiative reiterates TGA's ethos."

Woman hands man on mobility scooter a TGA reflective Safety BagAbout This Image: Woman hands man on mobility scooter a TGA reflective Safety Bag


TGA is a family business that prides itself on its quality products and high standards of customer service. They have been in the mobility business for more than 25 years and have an established reputation for innovation and durability. All their products comply with stringent Government regulations and are tested by engineers for quality, reliability and safety.

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