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Compact Mobility Scooters: Reviews and Information

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Revised/Updated: Saturday, 22nd June 2019


Reviews and information on a range of portable compact scooters for persons with disabilities and seniors mobility including folding types.

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Travel, compact, or portable mobility scooters are by definition more compact and ideal for those who need mobility assistance when traveling. Many of the models in this category are foldable, while others disassemble completely, leaving several smaller, lighter parts. When compared with heavy duty offerings, these scooters tend to be more compact and lightweight, but may struggle when attempting to traverse rougher terrain.

Compact, or foldable, mobility scooters were designed and manufactured with the concept of "simplicity in mobility" in mind. Designed to be easy to dismantle without tools for excellent portability, light weight and easy to manage, compact scooters offer excellent practicality and are designed for every day use. Sometimes called boot or trunk scooters compact scooters are very easy to assemble with some capable of being fully folded or assembled in just 20 seconds.

The seat and battery pack are easy to remove, and sometimes the scooter chassis will separate into two parts. Depending on the model of mobility scooter, the components may have handles incorporated into them to make putting them into a car boot even easier.

Compact scooters are easy to transport which makes them highly portable, they can even be taken on airplanes because of their lightweight and compact size.

Many of them can be folded or broken into parts to make it easier for travel. With this lighter size, they do have a smaller motor translating into slower speeds. However, most of these scooters can travel about 3 to 6mph. This speed is a good speed for many people even though other scooter categories will offer faster speeds.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Compact Folding Scooters

TGA Minimo Plus Folding Mobility Scooter.
TGA Minimo Plus Folding Mobility Scooter.

Compact Scooter Model Suggestions

Each model is designed to have its own merits and set of unique functions.

Capri Compact Scooter:

For versatility and modern style when traveling, choose the Capri Compact mobility scooter. This modern scooter from Shoprider is comfortable and easy to transport with an innovative designed handlebar to make your journey so much more enjoyable.


The world's lightest and most compact travel mobility scooter! It folds and unfolds as quick and easy as an umbrella and it fits where no mobility scooter has fit before! The perfect choice for people with limited mobility, the TravelScoot is designed for those who have walking difficulties but are otherwise still fairly mobile.

Compact electric scooters come with various options in prices, battery capacity, weight, number of wheels and sizes. A carefully selected compact scooter can be the one of the best purchases ever made for the handicapped, disabled or elderly.

Facts and Statistics

In the UK mobility scooters are classified by The Use of Invalid Carriages on Highways Regulations 1988 as either Class II or Class III Invalid Carriages for legal purposes. A Class II scooter must be limited to 4 mph for use on a footway only, while a Class III scooter must be limited to 8 mph for road/highway use and have an additional 4 mph limiter for footway use.

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