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Maintaining Mobility Scooter Batteries

  • Published: 2009-08-16 (Rev. 2012-09-16) - Contact: georgelarson
  • Synopsis: Taking care of a mobility scooter battery is essential to maintain its performance in terms of speed and distance per charge.

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Taking care of a mobility scooter battery is essential to maintain its performance in terms of speed and distance per charge.

When you use the scooter know that the battery is at its peak and the independence it provides will not turn negative. Here are simple steps for taking care of the electric scooter battery.

Keep it Charged

Charging of the battery, according to the manufacturers recommendation, is an essential part of keeping the batteries performing at their best. After any type of use it is advisable to plug in the battery charger so the mobility scooter will be ready for the next outing.

Keep it Cool

The mobility scooter battery will not get damaged in the extreme heat or cold yet, to improve performance, store them in a cool and dry place. When the scooter is not going to be used often, such as during the winter months, take the batteries off the scooter and store them inside. Make sure you charge them periodically so they do not completely lose their charge.

Care for the Battery

Greasing the terminals, of the battery is part of keeping the mobility scooter maintained. Keep the battery clean by using a damp cloth and avoid wet conditions when using the mobility scooter. If the batteries do get wet wipe them off and let them dry completely before using the mobility scooter.

Caring for the mobility scooter battery is easy and essential to ensure peak performance. By properly taking care of the scooter batteries the mobility scooter will provide the independence you desire.

Reference: Toni Grundstrom (pen name - georgelarson) has been a freelance writer and telecommuter for over 17 years. My goal is to continue to succeed in life while combating MS. I am using my 18 years of marketing experience and writing background to write articles on marketing, disability, and activities I enjoy and interest me. I design and build stained glass creations including stepping stones, garden art, hanging panels and windows for your home.


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