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Published: 2010/08/28 - Updated: 2019/03/03
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Synopsis: Though mobility scooter insurance is not yet a legal requirement everywhere there is a need to insure against third party liability.


Mobile or mobility scooters are a common sight nowadays on our roads and pavements. You'll know when you're coming upon one, as they're usually outfitted with a fairly long pole with a highly visible flag atop!

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They provide a good degree of freedom to the infirm and elderly that has not in the past been obtainable to them. But, with this increase in their use there also comes responsibility and risk.

In most jurisdictions, mobility scooter insurance is not yet a legal requirement; however there is a real need for users to insure, and that is for third party liability, which will occur if the driver ever causes a traffic accident or an injury to a person, or someone's property.

As important, is that your health is a very valid reason to be insured while riding a mobile scooter. A decent Mobility scooter insurance policy would cover your expenses for injuries when you suffer in a mishap.

Public liability could amount to a substantial sum in extreme cases like fatal accidents, likely into the hundreds of thousands of dollars and a well structured policy would cover the outlandish claims our system has so generously allowed to be upheld; therefore do check the limit on the insurance companies offer.

Your mobility scooter insurance should also cover you for damages caused to your own machine, and these could often mean the expense of a new mobility scooter.

Check also that your provider is including storm or fire damage, highly unlikely to occur, but pricey if it does, especially if this rider has been overlooked.

Theft is regrettably a fact of life and theft of mobile scooters even electric wheelchairs is on the increase since bigger models come with such a large price tag. Your mobility scooter insurance must cover you for the complete value of your mobility scooter, if you're unfortunate enough to lose one from theft.

An essential consideration is also breakdown assistance or malfunctioning rescue. Imagine, if your scooter stops functioning while you are away from home, make sure that the policy includes call-out rescue in order to get you back home. Preferably this must be a 24 hours service and do not forget to keep the telephone number with you all the time.

What about while you are on a trip?

Again, you have to check the policy provides holiday coverage and make sure you check the terms and conditions carefully in order to see which parts of the country are covered and whether you are covered for the trip.

Sometimes a timely phone call to your provider before you set off, is time well spent.

When buying Mobility Scooters insurance, ensure the insurance company brand you purchase from is endorsed by the government or by a medical organization.

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