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Mobility Scooter Safety Tips

  • Published: 2010-09-30 (Revised/Updated 2013-06-04) : Author: Cole Watts
  • Synopsis: A number of must read safety tips on the safe use of electric mobility scooters.

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"If it's necessary to travel near a roadway, use a safety flag on the back of your scooter. It should be at a level higher than your head so that it's easier for everyone to see."

Using Your Mobility Scooter - A mobility scooter can help you move around your home, your neighborhood and even stores and buildings, with ease.

One of the benefits of using a mobility scooter, is the ability to travel great distances that are usually not within walking distance. Using a Scooter outside of your house can be a bit tricky, but do not let this discourage you.

In order to use your mobility scooter properly, be sure you're familiar with the instruction manual and the ins and outs of your scooter. Read the tips that are given for navigating bumps, curves and uneven ground. Some scooters are heavy-duty models designed for a rougher terrain than others. A three wheeled scooter might not be good for many areas you'd like to go, so you might need to upgrade it to a four wheeled scooter such as the pride celebrity X . Read the manual so you know which grades, curbs and obstacles to avoid for safety.

Most scooters can handle the basic street curb ramp. But it is important to drive your scooter straight at the ramp. If it's a particularly wide area, don't try to drive up it at an angle because this could cause your scooter to tip. As long as the curb looks to be a standard height, and your manual said that your scooter can navigate a ramp that steep, you should have no trouble driving straight up the ramp onto the sidewalk. Most scooters have anti-tip protection in the form of extra wheels in the back that keep them from tipping when doing maneuvers like this. If you approach the ramp at an angle, your wheels won't be able to keep the scooter upright.

Avoid broken or sideways-slanted pavement. While you can go up or down a grade that your manual says is safe, if the pavement is slanted to the side it presents a tipping risk for your mobility scooter. Broken pavement can cause a problem with either slippage or just a sudden slight drop that could cause you to fall.

If it's necessary to travel near a roadway, use a safety flag on the back of your scooter. It should be at a level higher than your head so that it's easier for everyone to see. It's also a good idea to wear a fluorescent orange vest or other eye-catching clothing when you're operating the scooter near a roadway. And make sure you have something on the scooter and/or on your body at night that reflects light and makes you visible. Remember, you want to give opposing motorists every opportunity to see you.

While cars are supposed to give the right of way to pedestrians and people using bicycles, wheelchairs or mobility scooters, never assume that they'll give that right of way. It's far better to be cautious that to put yourself at risk. Also, be sure to follow basic rules like fully stopping at lights and stop signs.

Before you get off your mobility scooter, be sure it's turned off and remove the key if it's key operated. Be sure the brake is properly engaged. If your scooter has a swivel seat, lock it into place before you stand up. All of these things can prevent both the scooter and the seat from moving when you try to rise.

Follow these tips and be familiar with your scooter before you head out so you can more safely get from place to place.

About Cole Watts: Cole Watts writes on behalf of All Electric Scooters (, an online retailer of electric scooters.

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