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Step & See Walker Device Will Help Avoid Injuries or Worse

  • Published: 2010-09-11 - Contact: EC Adell, LLC
  • Synopsis: The Step & See helps those who use a walker allowing them to move around in the dark without getting hurt or sustaining a fatal injury.

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The Step & See is a unique device that helps those who use a walker, allowing them to move around in the dark without getting hurt or potentially sustaining a fatal injury.

Millions of elderly and disabled people are injured each year fumbling around in the dark, looking for light switches or navigating their way through the night. From stubbed toes to broken hips to deadly accidents, innocent items such as chairs and tables can be extremely dangerous in the dark to those who use walkers. With the lightweight, inexpensive Step & See, these people and their loved ones can sleep peacefully knowing that Step & See owners have regained their nighttime freedom.

The Step & See is a lightweight durable attachment that fits any cane and walker, has a lifetime warranty, is rechargeable, and comes with everything needed to operate it and is easy to install and is equipped with an easy to operate emergency alarm, notifying others in case of emergency. It has powerful LED lights that shine 40 feet away and provides owners with a restored sense of freedom because they can move around on their own in the dark safely, allowing them to sleep peacefully without annoying bright lights shining all night.

The idea for the Step & See came to Cornelius Turner from a need to help his father, Earnest C. Turner, and in memory of his late brother, Michael Adell Turner, Vietnam veterans afflicted with limited mobility. According to Cornelius: "My late brother would often take his hand off of his walker to reach for the light switch, losing his balance and falling down. This problem resulted in a brain injury that led to a life ending stroke. My father had similar issues, often stubbing his toes from tripping over things with his walker, having diabetes, his toes were amputated because of this. I developed the Step & See in an effort to prevent these mishaps from occurring to him or anyone else." Now, anyone can prevent this from happening to them or a loved one ever again for only $89.95.

ABOUT EC ADELL, LLC- EC Adell, LLC is a Milwaukee, WI based company founded by CEO and inventor of the Step & See, Cornelius Turner. The company's name is an homage to his father, Earnest C. Turner, and his late brother, Michael Adell Turner, who both used walkers.


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