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Lose the Tennis Balls Campaign - Why Tennis Balls on Walkers are Dangerous

Published: 2010-12-16 - Updated: 2013-06-02
Author: NOVA

Synopsis: NOVA is committed to helping people understand the dangers of using tennis balls on walkers.

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NOVA Launches 'Lose the Tennis Balls' Campaign - Explains Why Tennis Balls on the Bottom of Walkers are Dangerous.


Sue Chen, CEO of NOVA is committed to helping people understand the dangers of using tennis balls on walkers. This is the first of what will be an annual push to raise awareness. There is also a contest at with a prize of $1000 and a mobility makeover with Sue!

Tennis balls, cut open and stuck on the bottom of walkers. It's a ubiquitous image in any senior center or assisted care facility. It was even used as a sight-gag in the Oscar-nominated animated film, Up. But do tennis balls really belong on walkersNOVA, a Carson-based supplier of independent living products, says absolutely not. The company is launching a campaign to educate people on the dangers of using tennis balls on the bottom of walkers.

"I've got nothing against tennis balls - on the court or at the dog park!" says NOVA CEO, Sue Chen, who is on a mission to get rid of tennis balls on walkers. "But people use them on walkers without even thinking about it. Tennis balls on walkers are unsafe, unsanitary and unattractive. They pick up and track germs, they make the walker unstable, they actually add to the wear and tear on the walker, and they are a disrespect to the person using the walker."

Lose the tennis balls
Lose the tennis balls

NOVA has created a product that makes tennis balls on walkers obsolete. Walker Skis are small grey, plastic pieces that resemble very short skis and fit on the legs of most walkers. Durable, stylish and easy-to-clean, unlike tennis balls, they are made specifically for walkers. Chen says that selling the product is not the main point of the Lose the Tennis Balls campaign, though.

"Of course we want to sell Walker Skis, but it's more important that we get people to stop putting themselves at risk," says Chen. "Every time I see someone with tennis balls on their walker, I cringe, because I know that they are jeopardizing their safety. Plus, people facing mobility challenges still want to be stylish and dignified and they deserve that. You wouldn't put cut open tennis balls on the heels of your Manolos!"

To encourage more people to throw the tennis balls off their walkers, NOVA is running a contest at, from now through February 28th, 2010. Participants submit photos or video of getting the tennis balls off of their walkers and are entered to win $1,000 and a mobility makeover with NOVA CEO, Sue Chen. The company also hopes family-members and caregivers will spread the word about the dangers of tennis balls on walkers.

NOVA specializes in brightly colored and patterned walkers, canes and wheelchairs along with all the accessories needed to lead an active life. Chen also provides customers and retailers with "Mobility Makeovers" finding the right products to fit her clients' lifestyles, maximizing mobility, function and style. Chen believes that providing well designed and visually appealing products will encourage people to use the mobility aids they need. NOVA products include red and purple walkers, floral and animal print bags, plaid transport chairs, colorfully patterned canes and bathroom safety equipment. Walker Skis are the most recent addition to the NOVA product line.

NOVA is a leading innovator and manufacturer of Mobility, Bathroom Safety, and Independent Living products such as designer canes, rolling walkers, transport chairs, wheelchairs, bath safety, cushions, and mobility accessories. Started in 1993, NOVA has grown organically with a strong foundation and fundamental values of service, quality and integrity. NOVA's goal and mission is to provide and service superior quality products with great function and fashion for people to live a healthy, independent, and beautiful lifestyle. Our commitment to caring and providing exceptional service is represented by our extraordinary staff, excellent warranty and product service program, consumer and dealer education, product innovation, and charitable contributions locally, nationally and internationally. Although our customers may have physical challenges, beyond their physical being is a heart with tremendous strength, a mind full of wisdom, and a spirit that is determined. We are dedicated to unleashing the potential of our customers.

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