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Moterum MTip Crutch Tip Provides Mobility for All Terrains

  • Published: 2017-01-31 : Author: Moterum LLC : Contact:
  • Synopsis: The Moterum MTip Crutch Tip improves efficiency and stability of walking on crutches developed by studying gait analyses.

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"The MTip Crutch Tips are the perfect addition and upgrade to any Axillary Crutches (standard underarm crutches), or Loftstrand Crutches (forearm crutches)."

The MTip Crutch Tip is a radically new shape that improves the efficiency and stability of walking on crutches. This shape has been derived from countless hours of university research and gait analysis and has culminated in a highly versatile crutch tip with ergonomic properties.

The Moterum MTip Crutch Tip is a revolutionary new crutch tip developed by studying comprehensive gait analyses, the MTips were designed to work with the crutch user and lend to a more natural walking pattern. leading to increased efficiency of crutch walking. The MTip's unique shape helps you achieve a more fluid and ergonomic movement on crutches, reducing fatigue and discomfort. The durable material will provide long-lasting and secure traction.

A mobility enhancing device:

With aggressive and reliable traction on many surfaces the revolutionary 'rolling tips' provide a secure and assistive force for going up or down a hill - just flip your MTip for reliable traction to get you through snow, sand, and rainy conditions. The MTips are meant to enhance crutch mobility and overall quality of life.

Moterum MTip Crutch Tip FAQ

The MTip Crutch Tip
About This Image: The MTip Crutch Tip
What makes this tip for crutches any different than my current tips?

Versatility, Traction, Kinetic Energy. The MTip leverages its scientific design to provide crutch users a pleasant walking experience through varied surfaces on many different crutch types. The MTip increases wet-slip traction with more individual points of traction in each movement. Walking up stairs and hills on crutches becomes easier as the MTip Crutch Tip redistributes the user's weight in a forward assisting motion. This unique attribute ensures that crutch users feel safe and secure in dangerous situations. The often-scary situation of walking down stairs or down a hill on crutches is now mitigated when the MTip Crutch Tips are in the reverse direction. This 'reverse' direction allows for more precise control.

Can the MTips be added to all types of crutches?

The MTip Crutch Tips are the perfect addition and upgrade to any Axillary Crutches (standard underarm crutches), or Loftstrand Crutches (forearm crutches). These rubber crutch ferrules are compatible with all crutches with a lower tube diameter of 3/4" (1.9 cm.) to 1" (2.5 cm). The weight of the MTip Crutch Tips are 220g per tip as they are made from high quality natural rubber.

Are the MTips right for me?

The MTip Crutch Tips are for anyone looking to increase the efficiency, stability, and ease of walking with crutches. Traction and durability is greatly increased compared to the standard crutch tips sold in many pharmacies and retailers. This new crutch foot was designed for all users that are on crutches. Long term crutch users as well as those with to temporary mobility challenges will benefit from the use of these Tips. If you are looking for more traction and a greater range of potential activities, The MTip Crutch Tips are for you!

Where can I buy MTip Crutch Tips?

MTips are available for purchase online at or ph. 864.940.4728.

Retail opportunities are available, contact us for a quote, phone 864.940.4728.

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