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RehaDesign Wheelchair Gloves Launched in the USA

  • Synopsis: Published: 2009-05-10 (Rev. 2010-07-19) - RehaDesign Flexi-Fit Wheelchair Gloves were designed for people with limited hand mobility such as quadriplegic users and people who have had strokes. For further information pertaining to this article contact: RehaDesign.
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Med Services Europe has announced the US launch of RehaDesign Wheelchair Gloves.

RehaDesign Wheelchair Gloves have been on the market in Europe since 2005. Due to a cooperation signed between Grover Gear Medical ( Med Services Europe, RehaDesign Wheelchair Gloves are now available to US wheelchair users as well.

RehaDesign Wheelchair Gloves ( range includes four different styles:

RehaDesign Flexi-Fit Wheelchair Gloves were designed for people with limited hand mobility such as quadriplegic users and people who have had strokes. Flexi-Fit Wheelchair gloves open up wide and are easy to slip on without assistance. These wheelchair gloves are made of soft and flexible neoprene material and do not limit hand mobility.

RehaDesign Gel-Palm Wheelchair Gloves are made for everyday comfort. The palm is made of soft suede and has a gel-insert to protect wheelchair users' hand from nerve damage from constant repetitive impact.

RehaDesign Ultra-Grrrip Wheelchair Gloves are real leather gloves and have a textured palm for improved traction on the hand-grip. Ultra-Grrrip wheelchair gloves are available as either half-finger wheelchair gloves or full-finger wheelchair gloves for the colder weather.

In the USA RehaDesign Wheelchair gloves are now distributed by Grover Gear Medical. It was recently announced that Grover Gear Medical are also marketing RehaDesign Wheelchair Tire Covers (

About the collaboration with Grover Gear Medical, Dr. Gene Emmer of Med Services Europe said, "After years of successfully marketing RehaDesign Wheelchair Gloves in Europe, we are pleased to work with Grover Gear to market these high quality wheelchair gloves in the USA. US medical dealers and US wheelchair users are invited to contact Marianne Portwood of Grover Gear for more information about RehaDesign Wheelchair Gloves and RehaDesign Wheelchair Tire Covers."

Reference: For more information about RehaDesign Wheelchair Accessories visit the wheelchair website at

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