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WunderGlow Wheelchair Lights

  • Published: 2009-10-15 (Rev. 2014-03-15) - Contact: RehaDesign at -
  • Synopsis: Innovative new light design especially designed for manual wheelchair users and safety.

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"Vehicles are getting bigger and wheelchairs are getting smaller. As wheelchair accessibility improves, the risks for wheelchair users get larger."

Wheelchair safety is an important topic which is rarely discussed even amongst wheelchair users.

Many drivers pay little attention to wheelchair users and everyday in the USA and Europe there are accidents involving a wheelchair and a vehicle. A German study showed that by age 24, five percent of wheelchair users were involved in a collision with a vehicle, cycle or pedestrian. It is no surprise that most wheelchair fatalities occur at night. Yet few wheelchair users bother to use lights. Why? Most lights are made for cycles. Lights are heavy, bulky and ugly.

Med Services Europe has announced the launch of an innovative light especially designed for manual wheelchair users. Wheelchair wUnderGlow ( is a unique wheelchair light, with several novel features:

  • Wheelchair wUnderGlow clips on instantly. No need to mount it. No installation required. Simply clip Wheelchair wUnderGlow to the seat sling when a light is needed. Remove the wheelchair light when it is not needed.
  • Wheelchair wUnderGlow has a 360 degree rotating clip. Point the light in any direction
  • Wheelchair wUnderGlow comes with two different lights. One light is a steady white light to light the way. One light is a cool, multi-color flashing light.
  • The multi-colored light has two uses. Point it in any direction to be seen well by drivers. Or point the multi-colored light directly below the wheelchair for a cool nighttime "underglow" effect.
  • Wheelchair wUnderGlow is tiny, approximately the size of a 1 euro coin, or a US quarter in either direction.
  • Wheelchair wUnderGlow light plus the clip weigh only 10 grams (0.3 oz). There is no perceptible increase in weight to the wheelchair. See a video demonstration of wheelchair wUnderGlow wheelchair lights ( ).

About Med Services Europe - ( Med Services Europe designs and distributes innovative wheelchair accessories under the brand name RehaDesign ( to wheelchair dealers world-wide and sells wheelchair products directly to wheelchair users since 2004.


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