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RehaDesign Wheelchair Tire Covers Launched in the USA

  • Synopsis: Published: 2009-04-28 (Revised/Updated 2014-01-11) - RehaDesign Wheelchair tire covers are now available to both American and European wheelchair users. For further information pertaining to this article contact: Med Services Europe at

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Quote: "RehaDesign wheelchair wheel covers have a special lining on the inside of the cover designed to absorb water and dirt and to cling to the wheelchair tire."

RehaDesign Wheelchair tire covers have been available to European wheelchair users for nearly three years. Now, these quality tire covers are available to American wheelchair users as well.

Med Services Europe, the European distributor of RehaDesign wheelchair tire covers announces that Grover Gear Medical ( has obtained rights to distribute RehaDesign Wheelchair Slippers in the USA.

RehaDesign Wheelchair tire covers, sometimes called wheelchair wheel covers, are known by the brand name "RehaDesign Wheelchair Slippers". Dr Gene Emmer said "We gave our wheelchair tire covers the brand name RehaDesign Wheelchair Slippers because for a wheelchair user, the wheels of their wheelchair are their feet. Just like an able-bodied person can put on slippers when he or she comes home, a wheelchair user can put on his or her RehaDesign Wheelchair Slippers. Plus these wheelchair wheel covers have a comfy suede-like finish, very soft and gentle to the touch just like regular slippers."

RehaDesign wheelchair wheel covers have a special lining on the inside of the cover designed to absorb water and dirt and to cling to the wheelchair tire. These wheel covers are very easy for a wheelchair user to put on and take off without leaving their wheelchair.

Wheel covers have the following features:

  • RehaDesign Wheelchair Slippers can cover standard sized wheels of manual wheelchairs or cover both the wheels and the hand-grip.
  • RehaDesign wheelchair tire covers keep the hands and house clean.
  • RehaDesign wheelchair wheel covers are machine washable.
  • RehaDesign wheelchair wheel covers are easily put onto and removed from most standard sized wheelchair wheels without leaving the wheelchair.

Reference: About the collaboration with Grover Gear Medical, Dr. Gene Emmer of Med Services Europe, "After years of successfully marketing RehaDesign Wheelchair Slippers in Europe, we are pleased to work with Grover Gear to market these high quality wheelchair wheel covers in the USA. US medical dealers and US wheelchair users are invited to contact Marianne Portwood of Grover Gear for more information about RehaDesign Wheelchair wheel covers."

For more information and to see a video demonstration of RehaDesign Wheelchair Slippers visit the wheelchair website at

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