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All Terrain Wheelchairs: Types, Information & Reviews Document List

  • Synopsis: This page contains the full list of articles and documents from the Disabled World All Terrain Wheelchairs category.

Publication List:

NOTE: Though articles may have since been updated they are listed by their original publish date, with the most recent documents first.

  1. WHILL Model M Personal Electric Vehicle Redefines Mobility for Wheelchair Users
    WHILL launches the Model M, a new personal electric vehicle redefining mobility for wheelchair users - Published: 2017-01-04
  2. SafariSeat - All terrain Wheelchair Designed for People in Developing Countries
    SafariSeat is a low cost and open-source all terrain wheelchair that can be made in local workshops with bicycle parts designed for people in developing countries - Published: 2016-10-19
  3. Mountain Trike Partners with Specialised Orthotic Services
    Mountain Trike Company partner with Specialised Orthotic Services as specialist seating provider - Bespoke seating available for Mountain Trike Company MT Push model - Published: 2016-06-04
  4. Next Generation Wheelchair Receives FDA Clearance
    WHILL, Inc. receives U.S. Food and Drug Administration clearance on technologically advanced wheelchair model that will be released in the coming months - Published: 2016-03-26
  5. Mum of 4 Receives Mountain Trike for Christmas
    Mum of four paralyzed with rare brain condition given allterrain wheelchair to enable her to continue enjoy getting out and about with her family - Published: 2015-11-19
  6. Mountain Trike Introduces New All Terrain Wheelchair Color Ranges
    Mountain Trike Company who manufacture and design custom made all terrain wheelchairs have introduced some new color ranges for 2015 - Published: 2015-03-18
  7. Mountain Trike Confirms New UK Experience Center in the North West
    Latest accredited Mountain Trike Experience Center is Experience Community CIC, a not-for-profit Community Interest Company based in Leeds U.K. - Published: 2014-11-20
  8. All Terrain Freedom Chair from Crosswind Concepts
    Crosswind Concepts introduces their Freedom Chair for transporting people with disability on rough terrain such as the beach - Published: 2014-10-10
  9. Mountain Trike Update - Now Trading for 3 Years
    Taking a look at the Mountain Trike, an all-terrain manual wheelchair, that has now been on the market for 3 years - Published: 2014-10-04
  10. Hexhog All-terrain Wheelchair ATV
    The HexHog is a battery powered six wheel all-wheel drive machine that gives wheelchair users the ability of all terrain access - Published: 2014-08-06
  11. Mountain Trike All Terrain Wheelchair
    Mountain Trike is an all-terrain manual wheelchair designed using unique innovation control and drive system with high specification mountain bike technology - Published: 2013-03-20
  12. Beach Wheelchair - Lightweight, Easy-to-Use
    Beach Wheelchair for individuals with mobility needs moves easily over sand and other beach terrain - Published: 2010-07-09


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