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All Terrain Wheelchairs: Types, Information and Reviews

Disabled World: Revised/Updated: 2019/04/16

Synopsis: Information on manual, gas powered, and electric all terrain wheelchairs which provide access over ice, snow, gravel and beach sand. There are prefabricated kits that turn a manual wheelchair into a beach mobility device. The HexHog offers accessibility to the countryside for all and can ascend 60% slopes!

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What is an All Terrain Wheelchair?

All-terrain wheelchairs allow users to enter the water and provide a better mobility on beach sand and on uneven terrain, and even snow. The common adaptation among the different designs is that they have extra-wide wheels or tires, to increase stability on uneven or unsteady terrain. The wide tires on snow wheelchairs, for example, spread the weight of the chair user and the chair over a wider surface, similar to how snowshoes perform the same purpose for someone on foot, allowing the person to travel on top of the snow rather than sinking.

Different models of all-terrain wheelchairs are available including manual and battery powered.

Many all terrain wheelchairs are unable to fold and have non-removable wheels making them very difficult to transport. Most wheelchair accessible transport vans have just enough room for one wheelchair. These types of constraints limits the wheelchair user access to nature. Therefore, an All Terrain Wheelchair must also be portable, lightweight, and easy to assemble.

Off Road Accessibility

The Mountain Trike is an example of an all terrain manual wheelchair.
The Mountain Trike is an example of an all terrain manual wheelchair.

All terrain wheelchairs give you the flexibility of complete off-road movements in villages, at the beach or lake, in parks and camping. In many countries in Europe, where accessible tourism is well established, many beaches are wheelchair accessible and provide this kind of wheelchair to clients free of charge. Some charge a rental fee.

The Mountain Trike is an example of an all terrain manual wheelchair In the past for the millions of worldwide wheelchair users, the joy of traveling to the beach only to use the boardwalk, visiting your local park just to stay on the paved pathways, or going out in the snow was unfair. Today there are wheelchairs designed for the outdoors, some are even capable of being pushed into the surf so the user can experience the thrill of breaking waves over their body. This is possible because the wheels are over-sized pneumatic tires that absorb almost all road shocks for a very comfortable ride. The extra wide tires distribute the weight of the wheelchair and person and therefore making it easier to push through many different environments, including water.

The skinny one inch thick tires on most wheelchairs are no match for the sand, gravel, mud, or any rough terrain. Some wheelchair makers have 2" knobby tires, but they still sink in loose soil. It feels like you are pushing through quicksand. Beach wheelchairs make it possible to travel over almost any kind of uneven or difficult terrain.

Plastic Beach and Pool Wheelchairs

The hard plastic frame is usually designed to be disassembled and transported easily. Some plastic wheelchairs have reclining backs, allowing you to lay by the pool and tan without having to leave the chair. In addition to going on a trip to the ocean, beach wheelchairs can also offer you access to any natural area with rough ground or snow, and all the places your usual wheelchair can't take you.

The Landeez manual all-terrain and beach wheelchair was designed specifically to enable people who use wheelchairs to come in closer contact with nature. The Landeez can roll easily over sand, snow, and gravel. Its soft plastic pneumatic tires absorb almost all road shocks for a remarkably comfortable ride. This type of the wheelchair is designed to be pushed by someone.

Electric and Gas Powered Off Road Wheelchairs

There are also electric and mechanical powered all terrain wheelchairs. One example is the HexHog, which is designed to offer accessibility to the countryside for all - you can even ascend 60% slopes! The HexHog is an excellent alternative to quad bikes, where wheelchair users can ride the HexHog on the same tracks safely and independently.

Rear and front views of the Boomerbeast all-terrain AWD mobility scooter.
Rear and front views of the Boomerbeast all-terrain AWD mobility scooter.

The BoomerBeast is also an off road mobility scooter in the market place featuring an all wheel drive (AWD) system that will tackle any terrain including dirt, sand and snow, as well as regular pavement.

Another company, Achievable Concepts, has achieved particular success with its Disability BMX trikes, the "Aussie Beach Wheelchair" and children's special needs all-terrain strollers.

Crosswind Concepts product the Freedom Chair started as an emergency evacuation wheelchair in case of an emergency situation in order to get people who use wheelchairs out of multiple story buildings. When the 10" Worry Free Tires are installed the Freedom Chair doubles as a courier for individuals to get them across rough terrain outdoors.

Prefabricated All-Terrain Wheelchair Kits

There are also prefabricated kits which can be used to turn a manual wheelchair into a beach mobility device.

These kits generally don't use wheels that will allow you to push yourself, but it is the cheapest option. You also may want to make sure your wheelchair will not suffer any corrosion or rusting if it is exposed to sea water.

Today there is a vast range of types, shapes, and sizes of both manual and powered all terrain wheelchairs for the outdoors person who loves the beach and being off the beaten track.



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