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Boomerbeast: All-terrain AWD 3 Wheel Mobility Scooter

  • Published: 2017-05-01 (Revised/Updated 2018-05-02) : Author: Disabled World : Contact:
  • Synopsis: The AWD Boomerbeast by Daymak Inc. is a 3 wheeled all-terrain solar powered electric mobility scooter offers speed, freedom and style.

Quote: "All versions of the Boomerbeast comes with the Daymak Drive Turbo controller that allows you to configure the core performance of your machine via smartphone."

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Daymak Inc. renowned for solar powered electric vehicles, has just announced their next project that they have quietly been in development over the past months. The Boomerbeast is a 3 wheeled all-terrain solar powered electric mobility scooter.

Receiving a lot of positive feedback about the first iteration; The Beast, Daymak realized that they wanted to also cater to those who need more balance while still giving them the speed, freedom and style that comes synonymous with the Daymak Beast.

The Boomerbeast is the first true on road off road mobility scooter in the market place.

It features an AWD system that will tackle any terrain including dirt, sand and snow besides your everyday regular pavement.

The Boomerbeast also uses leading edge Daymak Drive Turbo controller that allows the rider to customize the ride through the free app provided for Android bringing mobility scooters to 2017.

Boomerbeast 3 wheel mobility scooter
About This Image: Boomerbeast 3 wheel mobility scooter
"Mobility scooters are one of the fastest growing markets in the light electric vehicle. Most mobility scooters have not been modified in the last 20 years. We are going to bring Mobility Scooter to the next level." states Aldo Baiocchi, President of Daymak.

"The Boomerbeast Ultimate features a solar wrapped Panasonic Lithium 2580 Watt hour battery pack, AWD system and a LED lighting system all controlled and adjustable by app directly from the user. Making the Boomerbeast the first to incorporate all these features" continues Baiocchi.

The Boomerbeast line will be custom built at Daymak's Toronto HQ one by one to satisfy everyone's need.

It will be available in a variety of configurations, Buyers can choose tire size 19" or 23", battery pack, motors, racks and lighting options.

Range can reach up to 90 km on a single charge using the 2580 Watt hour battery pack.

Speed can be set up to 40 km/hr for off road use and as low as 6 km/hr for sidewalk use making it the fastest mobility scooter in North America.

All versions of the Boomerbeast comes with the Daymak Drive Turbo controller that allows you to configure the core performance of your machine via smartphone. Increase the range to get further distance, increase torque and acceleration, lock the motor and more all via Bluetooth on your android device.

Rear and front views of the Boomerbeast all-terrain AWD mobility scooter.
About This Image: Rear and front views of the Boomerbeast all-terrain AWD mobility scooter.

This mobility scooter is the mobility scooter that can be used on a farm and on paved roads.

Best of all the Boomerbeast has no carbon emissions making it the green solution for commuting for both young and old! And with the build your own Boomerbeast option, you can pick and choose the upgrades that are most appealing to you.

The Boomerbeast line will range from $2999 to $4999.

For further information please visit:

Video Clip: Daymak Boomerbeast Solar Powered All Terrain Mobility Scooter

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YouTube Video Clip - The Daymak Boomerbeast is the Mobility scooter that you have been waiting for. This high speed mobility scooter has a solar powered battery pack that allows itself to charge on the go or parked. Hitting up to speeds of over 40 km/h this mobility scooter is perfect for both on and off road. Choose from either lead acid or lithium ion batteries and travel as far as 90 km (55 miles) on a single charge - Daymak Boomerbeast Solar Powered All Terrain Mobility Scooter Video.

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