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Hexhog All-terrain Wheelchair ATV

  • Published: 2014-08-06 (Rev. 2016-03-26) - Contact: Sion Pierce at
  • Synopsis: The HexHog is a battery powered six wheel all-wheel drive machine that gives wheelchair users the ability of all terrain access.

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"You can't take the HexHog into supermarkets, but you can cross moorland, farmland or even peat bogs."

New Mobility Concept Breaks Down Barriers - The HexHog is Here! Designed to offer accessibility to the countryside for all. Made in the UK, and available for worldwide export.

The Hexhog's patented flexible chassis is the key to the vehicle's capability, as explained by inventor Sion Pierce:

"The flexing chassis irons out the lumps and bumps for a confident journey as the machine hugs the ground like a centipede when you ride over brows and troughs. You can even ascend 60% slopes."

Pierce, a mechanical engineer, developed the design over five years, building on his experience of mechanized handling and control systems to design the HexHog. Having grown up on a family farm in Wales, he used this land to trial his designs.

Often described as an all-terrain wheelchair, the HexHog is actually an ATV designed for wheelchair users.

"You can't take the HexHog into supermarkets, but you can cross moorland, farmland or even peat bogs. The open fronted design means users can look towards the horizon and enjoy the journey without having to focus on the ground, looking out for that ditch or rut that could disrupt regular wheelchairs. It can be driven on the road with a standard car license (with an add-on-kit) and will pass through four-foot gates" explains Pierce.

Picture of a man driving the HexHog offroad all terrain vehicle
Picture of a man driving the HexHog offroad all terrain vehicle
Now Pierce's company Off-Road Engineering has teamed up with Da Vinci Mobility of Liverpool to bring the Hexhog to a wider audience.

Power for the HexHog comes from the latest lithium-ion batteries which feed two pancake motors that deliver 650N Nm of torque to the wheels. This gives the Hexhog enough power to climb hills and obstructions such as rocks and steps.

The battery powered system offers advantages over alternative power sources such as engines, and it is comparatively quiet, clean and low maintenance. The system also incorporates advanced battery monitoring, where power is measured in and out of the cells to act as an accurate fuel gauge. A fully charged battery will provide a range of 12 miles in optimum conditions. This type of battery can handle quick top-up charges, allowing multiple journeys in one day.


View a Video Clip of the Incredible Hexhog Machine:

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See the HexHog in action at:

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Contact DaVinci mobility: t: 0151 548 1999 or

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