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Mountain Trike Update - Now Trading for 3 Years

Published: 2014-10-04 - Updated: 2017-02-14
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Synopsis: Taking a look at the Mountain Trike, an all-terrain manual wheelchair, that has now been on the market for 3 years.

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The Mountain Trike Company has been trading for 3 years and during this time the company have been fortunate enough to meet some amazing and inspirational people and in the previous 5+ years of design and development when a number of wheelchair users helped the Mountain Trike become what it is today.


Because the Mountain Trike Company predominately sell direct to customers, they build quite a relationship with their customers and they love hearing and sharing their stories. They are still in touch regularly with most of their customers and have captured and wanted to share the thoughts from their very first customer on how the last 3 years have been for them with their Trike.

The Mountain Trike is an all-terrain manual wheelchair which has been designed using a masterful blend of unique innovation and drive system with high specification mountain bike technology. It provides wheelchair users with far greater freedom and independence than ever before to travel off the beaten track. No other manual wheelchair on the market provides comparable high level of maneuverability and uneven surface performance, practicality and comfort. Despite deep mud and wet ground the unique drive and steering system means your hands stay clean and dry.

Richard in the mountain trike with woman behind him
Richard in the mountain trike with woman behind him

Whilst 3 years doesn't seem like a big birthday to celebrate it is quite a significant point for Mountain Trike as all customers receive a 3 year warranty for their Mountain Trike - and other than the usual service and maintenance required for such technical equipment which is to be expected when putting it through its paces and extreme use - the Mountain Trike Company can hold their heads high that not one Mountain Trike has ever failed - which is testament to the high specification and quality components sourced to ensure the safety of all users.

It's a toss-up as to who their first customer was, either Richard Brooks from West Yorks or Rick Rogers who lives in London and Richard has taken the time to put together some words about his last 3 years with his Mountain Trike:

Richard, 56 who lives in Clecheaton, West Yorks has Benign MS which means his symptoms pretty much stays the same, although he does have good days and bad days depending on how much he does - Richard tells us that he does tend to overdo it sometimes - last year he was asked to run a support vehicle for 3 cyclists cycling 1100 miles from Bangor, North Wales to Locarno, Switzerland, he had help from his brother but he said he found it exhausting - putting up and taking down tents, cooking food, restocking supplies, first aid support, driving to meeting points. All the rushing around left him exhausted and off work for 3 weeks recovering!

Richard in the mountain trike with family
Richard in the mountain trike with family

Richard can walk around the house unaided a lot of the time, bumping off walls and door-frames as he goes, but more and more he uses crutches or a recent purchase his 3-wheeled walker. Richard has to use crutches when he goes out and if going more the 1-200 yards he needs to use a wheelchair or his Mountain Trike.

Richard first heard about Mountain Trike when searching the internet, he had tried an electric mountain bike but as his balance wasn't very good and falling from it and breaking a rib decided it wasn't for him so started researching an alternative. Richard initially had a demonstration and test rode the Mountain Trike before hiring it for a weekend in North Wales and realized the freedom the Trike could give him to enjoy days out with his family.

Richard was hooked and placed his order for a Mountain Trike in August 2011 and received his Trike in October 2011 - thus marking a very special occasion for Mountain Trike. Tim Morgan who designed and engineered the Mountain Trike as part of his final year masters project at Bath University had finally transformed his project idea into a product - this was it - the Mountain Trike Company was up and running!

Richard in the mountain trike on a trail
Richard in the mountain trike on a trail

Richard tends to keep his Mountain Trike in his car so if there is ever an opportunity to use it instead of his regular folding wheelchair then he can - obviously it isn't always possible and feels a little guilty popping into his local supermarket with muddy wheels! Richard enjoys keeping in shape and loves the fact that Mountain Trikes allows him to propel himself, if he gets pushed around by others he feels his fitness levels dropping and waistband expanding which then takes more effort to get back.

Richard prefers to travel by car with his Trike as this offers him far greater independence and after a mis-fortunate accident when a Spanish airline crushed his Trike he prefers to stay clear of public transport. There are accessories available from Mountain Trike such as push handles and a place to store bags, Richard uses his own accessory bag to store essential items and could do with looking for an option for carrying his crutches - one for Tim to look at!

And a final word from Richard to summarize his last 3 years with Mountain Trike... FREEDOM!

The Mountain Trike Company currently distributes and sells direct to customers worldwide from their UK business and a number of distributors also operate worldwide. All Trikes are custom built and come with a 3 year warranty, choice of frame color, adjustable frame, footrest and seat.

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