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New Power Wheelchair Control System Launch

  • Synopsis: Published: 2012-09-12 (Revised/Updated 2016-06-12) - iPortal power wheelchair control system greatly improves the user ride experience and provides freedom through wireless connectivity to PCs and iOS devices. For further information pertaining to this article contact: Rehacare.

iPortal - A power chair accessory that connects to an iPhone or iPod touch and displays wheelchair information in real time. It is a unique approach to wheelchair displays that not only shows information in an exciting, easy to read way but brings the latest mainstream technology to the chair. iPortal Accessibility was the most recent addition to iPortal, and is part of Dynamic Controls' commitment to helping enhance the quality of life of people living with a disability. Accessibility is a pioneering solution that supports Apple's iOS VoiceOver and Assistive Touch features giving wheelchair users unprecedented ability to control an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad using their wheelchair joystick or specialty input device, including head array. Now, iPortal Mouse Mover is set to improve the lives of people living with disability even further by enabling power wheelchair users to control their personal computers and portable computing devices using their power wheelchair joystick or specialty input devices.

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Quote: "The new system also heralds a revolutionary advance in programming freedom through wireless connectivity to PCs and iOS devices."

A REVOLUTIONARY new power wheelchair control system which greatly improves the user ride experience is being launched at Rehacare 2012. Dynamic Controls, the world's leading manufacturer of electronic controls for powered wheelchairs, is launching its LiNX power control system at this year's exhibition.

The LiNX control system uses new load compensation techniques to vastly improve the user's ride experience. The technology gives superior chair control on difficult surfaces such as easier turning on thick carpets, as well as greater hold and stability on sloping surfaces.

The new system also heralds a revolutionary advance in programming freedom through wireless connectivity to PCs and iOS devices.

The new system will be exhibited at the Rehacare 2012 Exhibition, in Dusseldorf, Germany - the largest assistive and rehabilitative technologies fair in the world.

In addition to the LiNX system, Dynamic Controls will also be showcasing the next generation of its iPortal system - the iPortal Bluetooth Mouse Mover.

This latest addition to the iPortal range of products gives power wheelchair users control of their personal computers and portable computing devices using their power wheelchair joystick or specialty input devices.

Dynamic Controls iPortal system
About This Image: Dynamic Controls iPortal system
Dynamic Controls' iPortal Mouse Mover allows users to access the web, browse online stores, write documents, pay bills, make phone calls and have full control of their computer and the online world through their wheelchair.

In addition, iPortal Mouse Mover can be upgraded via the App store to include Accessibility, pioneering functionality that gives the user full access to Apple iOS devices. Environmental control is simple with most infrared and wi-fi systems having interfacing Apps on smart phones and tablets, which are controlled using iPortal.

Charlotte Walshe, CEO of Dynamic Controls, said: "Both of these new innovations represent major technological advances in power mobility that will fundamentally change the quality of life for people requiring assisted living.

"Our aim is to enable users to lead a full and active part in society, so we are looking forward to showcasing our ground-breaking innovations at Rehacare 2012 and speaking to potential business partners around the world."

The Rehacare exhibition will take place from 10-13 October in Dusseldorf, Germany.

Dynamic Controls is a leading manufacturer of electronic controls for powered wheelchairs and have supplied electronic control systems for power wheelchairs and scooters for over 30 years. Dynamic Controls is a global organization with corporate headquarters in New Zealand and regional offices in the United Kingdom, North America and Asia. Dynamic Controls is unique in that they specialize in the medical mobility market and their products range from simple to use drive only controllers to the world leading modular control system that can be customized to suit a wide range of needs.

For more information visit them at Stand A70/V in Hall 3 or visit

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