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Wheelbench Information for Sitting Disabilities

  • Published: 2009-01-29 (Revised/Updated 2017-06-25) : Author: Disabled World
  • Synopsis: Outline of a wheelbench device designed for persons with reduced ability to sit or sitting disability.

Main Document

People with both sitting and mobility problems often have to use a wheelbench, a wheeled mobility device in which the user lies down. A wheelbench somewhat resembles a hospital gurney or wheelchair.

A Sitting disability is a condition in which a person may not be able to sit, usually due to pain, but can also happen to persons sitting in wheel chairs. It is also known as "reduced ability to sit", "sitting problems" or "inability to sit".

Sitting disability has generally been an unrecognized disability.

The term "sitting disability" is not a well known expression although it is a term used to describe notable symptoms for people with severe back pain.

People with both sitting and mobility problems often have to use a wheelbench, a wheeled mobility device in which the user lies down, which is usually too large to fit into an elevator.

A wheelbench somewhat resembles a hospital gurney or wheelchair.

The main difference is that the gurney is primarily made to move patients around in a hospital and is less comfortable for long distances or outdoors.

A wheelbench has much bigger wheels than a wheelchair.

The user pushes the wheels with their hands in the same manner as propelling a wheelchair or the wheelbench can be moved by a second person pulling or pushing it by the handles.

A wheelbench is constructed in a similar way to a wheelchair, except that it has a stretcher on the top instead of a seat. Most wheelbenches are collapsible.

Accommodations for people who have a sitting disability are being enforced as Western nations integrate Universal design into their societies.

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