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Prostheses and Prosthetics: Artificial Limbs News and Information Document List

This page contains the full list of articles and documents from the Disabled World Prostheses and Prosthetics category. Though topics may have since been updated they are listed by their original publish date, with the most recent documents first.

Publication List

2017-11-27Amputees Can Learn to Control Robotic Arm with Mind Power
2017-10-12Working with Smart Materials to Make Prosthetic Limbs More Lifelike
2016-05-31Stroke Patient Walking Ability Improved with Implanted Neuroprosthesis
2016-05-27Prominence Prosthetics for High Heels
2016-03-08Improving Prosthetics and Lives of Amputees
2016-03-08Bionic Fingertip Allows Amputee to Feels Texture
2016-01-05CES 2016: The Gift of 3D Printed Prosthetic Limbs
2015-11-12Physical Therapy for Foot Pain & Plantar Fasciitis
2015-06-16UK Congenital Amputee Receives Lifelike Bionic Hand
2015-02-10Restoring Amputees Sense of Touch
2015-01-13Microprocessor Controlled Leg Puts Jim's Lifestyle Back on Track
2015-01-11Neuro-prosthetics for Paralysis - Flexible Implant Slips into Spinal Cord
2014-12-17Mind Controlled Robot Arm Project
2014-12-05Robot Control Theory to Improve Prosthetic Legs
2014-11-21Impact of Power Prosthetic Failures on Amputees
2014-11-12Electrical Stimulator Helps Stroke Victim Recover from Paralyzed Foot and Ankle
2014-10-24Creating Artificial Real Feelings in Prosthetics
2014-10-203D Printed Face Prosthesis for Eye Cancer Patients
2014-10-04Ottobock C-Leg Prosthesis - 15 Years of Supporting Amputees
2014-09-26Mechanized System to Improve Nerve Damaged Hands
2014-09-10Paralyzed Soldier Runs for First Time in 7 Years
2014-09-09100 Year History of Ottobock Prosthetic Legs
2014-07-13SynTouch BioTac Prosthetics - Human-like Touch
2014-06-18Genium X3 Waterproof Bionic Leg from Ottobock
2014-04-28New Circuit Board 9,000 Times Faster Modeled on Human Brain
2014-02-05Bionic Hand Allows Amputee to Feel in Real-time
2013-11-12Study Shows Prosthetic Hands Viewed as Eerie
2013-08-22MyGait Functional Electrical Stimulation Device for Drop Foot
2013-07-23ActiGait Neuroprosthesis Restores Mobility
2013-06-14Human Limb Regeneration - Fingernails Reveal Clues
2013-05-06Touch Bionics Realistic Prostheses
2013-04-15Creating Phantom Sensation in Non-amputees
2013-02-12VA Transitions from Traditional Prosthetics to Personal Bionics
2013-02-11Total Hip Replacement Cost and Pricing Difficulties
2012-11-13Synthetic Plastic Skin - Touch-sensitive and Heals Itself
2012-10-12The New Breed of Affordable Artificial Limbs
2012-06-04JACO Robotic Arm Tested by Hereward College Students
2011-11-09Genium Leg a Giant Leap for Future of Prosthetics
2011-09-29Only Man in Turkey to Live Without a Heart
2011-09-25Radiation Boost Makes Artificial Joints Last Longer
2011-08-18Bionic Leg Gives Amputees a More Natural Walk
2011-08-09Next Generation C-Leg Offers Greater Independence
2011-06-27Amputees in Action Designs and Develops Cricothyrotomy FX Prosthetic "Crike"
2011-02-20How to Leave Your Body
2011-02-13Dangers of Metal-On-Metal Hip Components Used In Total Hip Arthroplasty (THA)
2010-09-24Phantom Limbs More Common than Previously Thought
2010-09-12Patients Should Expect Long Life from Joint Replacements
2010-08-08Hand Prosthesis that Eases Phantom Pain
2010-06-30Younger Patients Opting for Total Hip Replacement Surgery
2010-05-20Synthetic Eye Prosthesis
2010-05-05Touch Bionics Unveils New i-LIMB Pulse
2010-03-04Athletes with Disabilities Network to Inspire Amputees to Become Athletes of the Future
2010-03-03Hand Movement Using Brain Signals for Movement Impaired
2010-02-16Biomedical Implants from Metal Foam with Similar Elasticity to Bone
2010-01-18Artificial Muscles Save Eyesight by Restoring Ability to Blink
2010-01-06Hand Amputation May Result in Altered Perception Around the Hands
2009-07-18Enhancing Prosthesis of Amputated Legs
2009-05-30Prosthetics Costs
2009-05-30Middle Ear Surgery - Ossiculoplasty and Stapedioplasty with Titanium Prostheses
2009-05-30What is Prosthetic Parity
2009-05-30Increased Freedom for Amputees with Advances in Prosthetic Devices
2009-05-29VA Studies Advanced Prosthetic Arm


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