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Published: 2011/08/09 - Updated: 2018/11/08
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Synopsis: Innovative enhancements to proven leg prosthesis system mean amputees will benefit from a more natural walking pattern and increased confidence.


Ottobock Healthcare, a world leading supplier of innovative solutions for people with limited mobility and the official Technical Service Provider for the London 2012 Paralympic Games, has launched its next generation C-Leg.

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Featuring mechanical and electronic enhancements, the new C-Leg enable users to achieve an improved and more natural walking pattern.

Combining the reliability and security of the original model with advanced functionality to enhance the individuals' need, the new C-Leg offers amputees even more freedom and confidence to meet the mobility challenges of everyday life.

The C-Leg was the world's first completely microprocessor controlled leg prosthesis to intelligently control and adapt to an individual's gait.

The inbuilt microprocessor allows it to mimic the actions of the knee and adapt to all walking speeds in real time.

Adjustments in the new model have improved swing phase control even further to provide easier, smoother movement at the knee joint with a larger range of movement possible. As a result, users are able to move expending less energy and without the need to focus on their prosthesis.

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C-leg prosthesis
C-leg prosthesis

C-Leg technology already provided a high level of stability but in the new model adaptations have been made to the damping behavior of the knee joint to enable the user to achieve balance more quickly after a trip or stumble. This helps lead to less frequent falls and an increase in confidence when taking the next step.

The new C-Leg is also more robust with its maximum weight limit increased to 136kg, in combination with suitable tube adapters, so that more users can take advantage of the mobility benefit it offers.

"Ottobock's R&D team is committed to working in close cooperation with doctors and patients to support the continuous development and improvement of user functionality and comfort and that is why we strived to expand the C-Leg's capabilities," said David Campbell, Sales Manager for the Prosthetics Division at Ottobock Healthcare. "Enhancements to the reliability and security of the prosthesis ensure users are able to walk and continue with everyday tasks without thinking about the device plus benefit from increased self confidence and independence during every step."

Further innovations in the new C-Leg include an additional activity mode called '3rd mode' that allows extra, individualized movement patterns to be selected by the user. Adjustable damping behavior has also been added for when the battery is drained and splash protection of the knee joint has been improved.

The C-Leg is the most frequently evaluated and most comprehensively documented prosthetic knee joint in technical and scientific studies worldwide.

It took five years of development from prototype stage to initial launch and since then over 40,000 users have been fitted worldwide. For more information on the prosthesis and Ottobock's range of innovative solutions that restore mobility, please visit or follow @ottobockuk on Twitter.

Ottobock Healthcare has launched the next generation of its C-Leg, featuring mechanical and electronic enhancements that enable users to achieve an improved and more natural walking pattern.

Ottobock Healthcare

Ottobock is a world leading supplier of high quality, innovative and practical solutions that restore human mobility and help people to rediscover personal independence.

Ottobock Healthcare is part of the Ottobock global group of companies established in the UK in 1976. Its wide product range includes high quality prosthetic and orthotic components, wheelchairs, rehabilitation and mobility products available through the country's leading clinics and dealers.

With a highly motivated and skilled team of professionals offering expert advice, product sales, service and support, Ottobock solutions enhance the physical comfort, confidence and mobility of the individual. Ottobock aims to achieve the best possible outcome for its customers, combining the latest technology with cutting-edge products and services -


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