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Federal Lifeline Assistance Program Provides Relief to Disabled

  • Synopsis: Published: 2016-04-20 - The Federal Lifeline Assistance Program provides low cost or free cell phone service to qualifying individuals and families who need help financially. For further information pertaining to this article contact: Q Link Wireless at

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Quote: "The Federal Lifeline Assistance Program provides low cost or free cell phone service to qualifying individuals and families who need help financially."

For many, having a disability increases isolation. A person who is disabled may struggle with getting an education or they may have a difficult time finding or keeping a job – even staying in touch with friends and loved ones. They may have a difficult time covering healthcare expenses, housing costs, access to communications and/or transportation.

According to a report by the Disability Compendium, nearly 30 percent of disabled people of working age in the United States were living at or below the poverty level in 2013 and may have an increasing negative net worth. While a disability is isolating on its own, poverty further increases the impact by cutting people off from vital resources. Depression is very high among the disabled and this isolation only exacerbates the problem.

This is why Q Link Wireless has teamed up with CBS local to help educate consumers across the country about the importance of the Lifeline program in order to help qualifying disabled people.

The Federal Lifeline Assistance Program provides low cost or free cell phone service to qualifying individuals and families who need help financially. They must meet certain criteria in order to qualify and only one Lifeline benefit is allowed per household. The Program is invaluable to those who need it. Q Link Wireless is an approved provider of the Program which helps support disabled people in several ways:

  • Free Smart Phones with qualifying service
  • Free calls to 911 in case of emergencies
  • Phone access to arrange doctor appointments
  • Wi-Fi enabled service to search the Internet

"Disability is hard, but isolation is even worse," says Issa Asad, CEO of Q Link Wireless in Dania, Florida. "There was a time when disabled people were locked away so the world couldn't see them. It was wrong then and it is wrong today - but right now we have the power to make a difference, to reconnect them with their family and friends. That is why Q Link is a proud provider for the Federal Lifeline Assistance Program. We want to make a difference in someone's life and we do every single day."

"The Lifeline program helps to remove at least one of the barriers to access," says Issa Asad. "Just because a person has a disability doesn't mean that they should be denied access to basic telephone and Internet services. The Lifeline program levels the playing field."

Companies like Q Link Wireless even provide qualifying consumers a free smart phone with their Lifeline service. By allowing participants to stay connected beyond voice or text they're able to use their phones to find jobs online and connect to family on social media sites like Facebook.

Q Link Wireless offers affordable prepaid wireless cell phone service and is a Lifeline service provider. Whether you are signed up for Lifeline services or you simply want a reasonably priced prepaid cell phone that has affordable plans and a broad coverage area, visit our website ( and discover the Q Link difference.

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