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Remote Control Lawn Mowers for Elderly or Disabled

  • Synopsis: Published: 2009-09-22 (Revised/Updated 2013-06-02) - Remote control lawn mowers are very elderly and disabled friendly with simple one finger joystick control. For further information pertaining to this article contact: Southern RobotX.

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Quote: "Slope mowing capabilities up to 50 degrees is where these remote control lawn mowers really become practical, and not just fun."

Summit Lawn Mower Company is introducing remote control lawn mowers as an alternative to weed eaters on steep hills. The simple to operate mowers are elderly friendly as well.

Summit Lawn Mower Company ( is introducing their Remote Control Mowers. With all of the technological advancements with the cell phone industry we have witnessed since the birth of the internet, it is no surprise to see companies selling remote control lawn mowers. A rather new niche market for slope mowers has been catching the attention of professional lawn care providers over the last several years and The Summit Lawn Mower Company has an interesting concept for mowing steep hills.

Electric mowers have been around for a while, and are very environmentally friendly. There are some really impressive robotic units that are fully automatic with sensors for this, that, and the other. However, most consumers look for products that benefit them, and not just the environment. Electric mowers are only practical on small lawns without slopes. One generally has to bury wires in the yard similar to the invisible dog fence systems and fool with charging batteries or extension cords. A remote control lawn mowers from The Summit Lawn Mower Company utilizes a self-charging power system to keep the battery charged at all times while remaining practical on any lawn. And, of course the most environmentally friendly mower is still the push reel from the good old days of Beaver Cleaver. But then again, it boils down to the practicality of the mower. If not many people use it, it is not doing the environment any good.

Remote control lawn mower
About This Image: Remote control lawn mower
Slope mowing capabilities up to 50 degrees is where these remote control lawn mowers really become practical, and not just fun. Lawn care professionals are benefiting from increased productivity. A lawn care professional generally resorts to 6 or 8 men, equipped with time consuming weed eaters, for slopes over 30 degrees. Now they use one man, equipped with a remote control lawn mower, to take on the slopes and ditches. Their other crew members are out focusing on productivity by keeping the wheels spinning on their fleet of zero-turn mowers . On the residential side of the spectrum, these remote control lawn mowers are very elderly and disabled friendly with the simple, one finger joystick control. Believe it or not, many senior citizens actually enjoy lawn maintenance, but are no longer able to enjoy the satisfaction of maintaining their own lawn due to the physical demands of traditional lawn mowing equipment. Mowing the lawn is no longer a chore and, with a remote control lawn mower, is actually kind of fun.

There are several companies overseas that are also taking part in the concept of remote control lawn mowers. Besides The Summit Lawn Mower Company here in the States, Lynex, RoboFlail, and Dvorak are paving the way for the big boys in the lawn mower industry to follow suit. RoboFlail in the U.K. already has a deal going with Scag Mowers that is sure to capture the attention of the other large manufacturers of commercial lawn equipment here in the United States. Look for the RoboFlail to start carrying the Scag logo on its side here in the near future.

About Summit Lawn Mower Company: Started in 2009, The Summit Lawn Mower Company specializes in manufacturing remote control lawn mowers. Maintaining the lawn on steep hills is not a new challenge to some, but the concept of using a remote control lawn mower to do the job is.

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