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Stand-A-Roo - Portable and Foldable Aid For People With Sitting and Standing Problems

  • Published: 2016-07-15 (Revised/Updated 2017-09-24) : Author: Adam Silver : Contact:
  • Synopsis: Stand-A-Roo is an aid to help people stand or sit from a couch or loveseat without assistance.

Quote: "The Stand-A-Roo(R) allows you to stand up by using your arms to help support your lower back which eases the pressure of your lower back."

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I Am Sitting And I CAN Stand Up, Myself(R): Student invents ingenious patented foldable mobility device for seniors and launches it through Kickstarter.

When his grandmother was faced with the inability of getting up from her couch and love seat, engineering student and inventor Adam Silver knew he had to design a device that would help her stand and remain independent. Through his determination and innovative spirit, Stand-A-Roo(R) was born.

Stand-A-Roo for Couch or Loveseat
About This Image: Stand-A-Roo for Couch or Loveseat

"It is truly amazing that a simple device like Stand-A-Roo(R) can make such a huge difference in someone's life. Our testing has shown that Stand-A-Roo(R) not only helped people stand and sit, but did it safely," said Adam Silver. "Because of the simple innovative design that eliminated the use of legs that use the floor as support you never have to worry about tripping. Stand-A-Roo(R) is the only device of its kind. And because of its sturdy padded arms that fit perfectly between the cushions, Stand-A-Roo(R) helps you sit down as well as helps you stand up," says Silver.

Stand-A-Roo(R) patented design also allows anyone to use it in less than 30 seconds.

Portable and Foldable Stand-A-Roo for Couch or Loveseat
About This Image: Portable and Foldable Stand-A-Roo for Couch or Loveseat
"Just take it out of the box, unfold, place under cushions, adjust width, height and replace cushions and you are done. Absolutely no tools needed," says Adam. "It's a Simply Ingenious Product which just happens to be the name of my company." And you can save up to $20 if you take advantage of the introductory offer via Kickstarter. For only $29 you can get a Stand-A-Roo(R) for your love seat and for $49 you can get one for your couch.

When you add up seniors, disabled, pregnant, obese, people with bad backs, legs, knees, feet or ankle injury there are over 100 million people just in the United States that have trouble sitting and standing.

Stand-A-Roo(R) was well-received by every health professional who has seen the Stand-A-Roo(R) in use.

Dr. Cardello. a doctor of chiropractic medicine, who practices in Gainesville said, "The Stand-A-Roo(R) allows you to stand up by using your arms to help support your lower back which eases the pressure of your lower back."

Judi Cleary Executive Director of RoseWood Village Assisted Living says, "Stand-A-Roo(R) will help so many seniors live an independent life."

Adam Silver has provided a way where anyone can buy a Stand-A-Roo(R) for a wounded veteran in need with the help of the Independence Corps, the same non-profit organization Bill O'Reilly depended on to help raise over 30 million dollars for track chairs to help disabled veterans.

If you would like to order one or help with that cause go to Adam's Kickstarter -

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