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Sonic Alert Day and Time Clock Helps Memory Loss Patients Know What Day It Is

  • Synopsis: Published: 2017-04-18 - New day and time clock displays day of week, time and date without confusing abbreviations, reducing anxiety and confusion. For further information pertaining to this article contact: Harris Communications, Inc. at

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Quote: "The Sonic Alert Day and Time Clock is a tremendous help for those with Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia, as well as stroke victims, those with cognitive impairment or who are advancing in years, and their caregivers."

People suffering from memory loss often have difficulty remembering what day of the week it is, making it challenging to stick to a routine, keep appointments or remember important events.

The new Sonic Alert Day and Time Clock alleviates this stress by displaying the day of the week, time and date in clear, easy to read letters with no confusing abbreviations.

Now available from Harris Communications, this high resolution 8" Digital Display Clock spells out the time, day of the week, month and date in large contrasting clear letters.

The clock has two display settings, one for clock mode and another that simply says the time of day and day, such as "Now it is Sunday Night." This second mode helps individuals who may simply need reassurance about what day and time it is.

Sonic Alert Day and Time Clock
About This Image: Sonic Alert Day and Time Clock
The Sonic Alert Day and Time Clock is a tremendous help for those with Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia, as well as stroke victims, those with cognitive impairment or who are advancing in years, and their caregivers. It also is useful for any busy person or retiree who has trouble keeping track of the day of the week.

This easy to use atomic clock sets itself.

It can be set as a 12-hour clock or 24-hour clock, and supports eight languages: English, French, German, Dutch, Italian, Polish, Spanish and Welsh.

The Day and Time Clock features a contemporary design that fits any d├ęcor and can be set on a desktop or wall mounted. Its sharp, non-glare display can easily be read across the room, making it suitable for those with visual impairments or macular degeneration.

Find out more about the Sonic Alert Day and Time Clock at or call 1-877-539-7445.

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Based in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, Harris Communications, Inc. is a leading supplier of hearing loss solutions for people with all levels of hearing loss. Since its founding in 1982 by Dr. Robert Harris, himself a member of the Deaf community, Harris Communications has helped millions of deaf and hard of hearing customers enjoy their lives to the fullest by providing expert advice and a wide range of more than 2,000 assistive devices and educational resources. The company's product line includes alerting devices, phone and TV amplifiers, personal amplification systems, tinnitus maskers, books and media and much more. Harris Communications also supplies ADA compliance products and hearing protection equipment.

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