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Hearing Impaired Clocks & Vibrating Watches

Author: Jason O.

Published: 2009-01-17 : (Rev. 2015-11-11)

Synopsis and Key Points:

Information on hearing impaired alarm clocks and vibrating watches to help people with hearing loss includes medication time reminders.

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There is a nice variety of hearing impaired alarm clocks and vibrating watches out there to help people with hearing loss wake up with the same ease as those with no hearing difficulties. So to help you or a loved one become better informed on the options out there, I've gathered a handful of highly-rated clocks that can ensure anyone using them will wake up easily.

Often times, in living our daily lives we don't consider that there are others around us who have may have limited capabilities.

However, I'm sure people in those positions notice everyday that much of the world is not built to accommodate them. This includes those with physical disabilities, such as being wheelchair-bound, blind, or deaf.

But have you ever wondered how someone with a disability is able to accommodate him or herself?

For example, how do you think individuals with hearing impairments are able to wake up in the morning if they cannot hear an alarm clock? In searching for this answer, I found numerous resources available, including hearing impaired alarm clocks.

I originally discovered hearing impaired alarm clocks when various family members began to lose their hearing due to health complications and aging. It was then that I realized that the list of resources for this impairment is longer than I thought. In particular, there is a nice variety of hearing impaired alarm clocks out there to help people with hearing loss wake up with the same ease as those with no hearing difficulties. So to help you or a loved one become better informed on the options out there, I've gathered a handful of highly-rated clocks that can ensure anyone using them will wake up easily.

Shake Awake

Shake Awake is an alarm clock made in a vibrating style to shake your bed in the morning. It is unconventional in shape, looking more like a mini stopwatch, but they assure customers that the clock does its job despite its appearance. They suggest you put the clock under your mattress or pillow and sleep well because when it wakes up, you will too - no exceptions. It also has the typical features like snooze and an LCD display once you actually put your hands on it to shut it off.

Braille watches allow for tactile time telling.

Braille watches are classic looking timepieces that allow the blind to tell time by lifting the crystal and telling time by braille.

Braille watches typically have a number of raised indicators around the face. This allows the wearer to be able to feel where the watch hands are in relation to the indicators. In effect it provides the wearer with the ability to be able to tell the time by touch.

The Bradley timepiece is a tactile watch for people who experience vision loss as well as people who are sighted. The timepiece gets around the issues mentioned by using raised hash marks and a pair of ball bearings that rotate to designate both hours and minutes. The timepiece allows most people, with or without vision loss, to check the time without the use of either a watch light or a voice-presented time of day. Instead, the person simply uses a finger to tell what time it is.

Braille watches are available in a wide range of styles. These watches offer the convenience of an excellent time keeping device combined with ease of accessibility, making them ideal for people of all visual abilities.

Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock

This is one of the most highly-rated hearing impaired alarm clocks on the market right now. This neat stealth gray and red clock is extra loud for those who do have some hearing capabilities. It also comes equipped with "pulsating flash alert lights" that make sure that your senses pick up on the clock. But if all of that doesn't work, like Shake Awake, the Sonic Bomb has a built-in 12-volt bed shaker to snap you out of your sleeping state. They guarantee you won't be able to sleep through this alarm clock - and if somehow you do, you might be in trouble.

Vibra Light 2

Now if you want to wake up in the morning without disturbing your significant other sleeping in your bed, the bed shaker vibrator models may not be the best choice. Instead there is the Vibra Light 2, a vibrating watch.

Vibrating watches are used to help patients (hard-of hearing patients) remember to take medications or to help remember to do certain activities.

This watch shakes your arm persistently until you wake up and turn it off, also having a setting to flash a bright light by tilting your wrist. It seems like a good bet for those wanting an undisturbed partner but still needing to wake up. In addition, some extra perks are that the watch has a high quality leather band and is water resistant - not bad!

Programmable vibrating-alarm watches can help you silently keep track of appointments, medication times and other important activities.

Talking watches speak the time at the press of a button.

Talking watches are a necessity for those who are legally blind or visually impaired.

Talking watches also offer a sense of security to whoever wears them. At the touch of a button, the wearer can instantly have the time spoken to them. Some models, such as the talking calendar watches, announce the time, day of the week, and date.

With this unique array of hearing impaired alarm clocks, you or your loved one is afforded the opportunity to have a great jump start to the morning. And while they are meant for the hearing impaired, they are even nice for heavy sleepers.

No matter what the reason would be for purchasing a clock, it is always important to go out and test some yourself to make sure you will find one that is a perfect fit for you. So do your homework first, then get out there and get your hearing impaired alarm clock or vibrating watch.

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