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EnChroma Eyewear Lets Color Blind See Colors Indoors

Published: 2015/03/19
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Synopsis: EnChroma announce innovative new line of EnChroma Cx-65 eyewear for color blind indoor use.

The EnChroma glasses enable red-green color blind students, children, workers - anyone suffering from color vision deficiency (CVD) - to see and appreciate a more colorful world.


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The EnChroma glasses enable red-green color blind students, children, workers - anyone suffering from color vision deficiency (CVD) - to see and appreciate a more colorful world.

One in 12 men, and approximately one in 200 females, have some form of CVD, of which approximately 80% can be helped by EnChroma eyewear.

"A lot of EnChroma sunglass wearers wanted an indoor version so they could bring the experience of seeing certain colors for the first time to their lives at work and at home," said Tony Dykes, CEO of EnChroma.

"Everything from learning at school, or presenting a colorful slide show at work, to debating friends about the infamous 'gold-and-white or black-and-blue dress,' is much easier with EnChroma Cx indoor glasses. We're excited to help CVD people overcome obstacles or to enable them to enter a field requiring color-identification capabilities."

The EnChroma Cx indoor glasses enable students (and others) to more quickly and accurately identify and interpret important color-coded information at school and outside of class.

Color blindness is often considered a mild disability, but studies estimate that two-thirds of the 300 million people with CVD feel it's a handicap.

"As an optometrist, EnChroma gives me an exciting technology to prescribe for the needs of my CVD patients in a complete range of lighting conditions," Dr. Gary Louie, Doctor of Optometry (OD) of Family Vision Care Optometrics in Union City, California.

"I was mesmerized by the vivid imagery I saw when I put on EnChroma glasses and the colorful visuals started trickling in," says Trevor Oppliger, a deputy district attorney in Fresno, California. "I fought back a wave of emotion as I began absorbing how much impact the glasses were going to have on my life."

A wonderful short documentary - 'Color for the Color blind' - shares evocative personal stories from four color blind individuals and their reactions to experiencing certain colors for the first time wearing EnChroma glasses. The film was produced by Valspar Corporation (VAL), a global leader in the paint and coatings industry. Watch the film at

EnChroma's Cx indoor glasses are available in prescription and non-prescription eyewear, and in polycarbonate for pediatric, sports and industrial safety usage.

Try EnChroma Indoor Cx glasses for 30 days risk-free by ordering at or from one of our retail partners listed on our website.

The product ship date is March 30, 2015.

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