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Author: Jeffrey Fenton - Director of Outreach and Communications - eSight
Published: 2018/01/04 - Updated: 2018/04/30
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Synopsis: eSight, creator of electronic glasses that allow legally blind to actually see, is spearheading unprecedented global effort to bring gift of sight to over 50 million people who struggle with vision loss.


A Profound Vision of the Future: eSight Pledges to Make Blindness History by 2020 - eSight, the creator of electronic glasses that allow the legally blind to actually see, is spearheading an unprecedented global effort to bring the gift of sight to over 50 million people who struggle with vision loss.

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eSight is proud to announce that it is launching a global pledge to Make Blindness History by the year 2020. This profound commitment marks the launch of a global effort to bring the gift of sight to over 50 million people who suffer from debilitating vision loss, and as a result cannot fully and independently participate in their everyday life, whether it be the workplace, classroom, or within the community.

In a world where seven out of 10 individuals with legal blindness are unemployed, 50 percent struggle with depression and 30 percent live in poverty, eSight believes the time is now to harness the power of cutting-edge technology for individuals living with vision loss. By providing the visually impaired with a lifetime of independence and equal opportunity through this one-of-a-kind sight-restoring technology, society can realize significant economic and social benefits.

To achieve eSight's objective to Make Blindness History, eSight is enlisting the support of organizations, schools, medical professionals, community organizations, media, public officials and many others who can aid in the company's efforts to Make Blindness History by helping to provide this technology to the legally blind. eSight is also facilitating fundraising campaigns to help legally blind individuals obtain the company's acclaimed and clinically-validated electronic glasses, which were recently named by TIME Magazine as a Best Invention of 2017.

Full details, including the several ways someone can Make Blindness History, and unforgettable videos that capture the precise moment someone sees for the first time thanks to eSight, are available at

"More than a quarter of a billion people on this planet lack the incredibly precious gift of sight," stated Jeffrey Fenton, eSight's Director of Outreach and Communications. "Their experiences - in the classroom, in the workplace, in the home - are significantly and unfairly limited. Every once in a while, a new technology is introduced that changes absolutely everything. eSight is an example of that. Now that eSight exists, an overwhelming majority of the legally blind community has the chance to actually see. They can work for a living, proudly pay taxes, study to their fullest potential in the classroom, and they can perform and experience nearly every activity of daily life as their sighted peers do. The time has come for us to Make Blindness History, in our schools, in our workplaces, and in virtually every corner of our society, where those living with vision loss need our help."

For organizations, the decision to Make Blindness History in their workplace is a socially and economically beneficial one. eSight has helped many legally blind job seekers start or return-to work, and perform to their fullest potential.

Scott Reese, a legally blind customer service professional who now uses eSight every day, explained:

"Words cannot express how much this technology has changed my career. I can get around my office with complete independence, see the detailed expressions on my coworkers' faces, and use any computer, software and smartphone with ease. eSight does so much more than just improve my vision; it gives me incredible mobility in my job, and helps me be a more productive and satisfied employee."

Andre Durand, CEO of Ping Identity explained:

"eSight opens doors for employers and the legally blind that I didn't know existed. I think eSight is a game changer for those that suffer from vision loss and are otherwise limited from living happy and productive lives. eSight's design opens up a number of possibilities for candidates that we will now consider here at Ping Identity. On behalf of Ping Identity, we're honored to support the gift of sight to members of our community and are very excited to support this pledge to Make Blindness History in the workplace."

Dr. Nancy Amir, a Low Vision optometrist and employer, explained:

"As a practicing Doctor of Optometry specializing in low vision for over two decades, I have helped thousands of individuals adapt to their vision loss at my clinic. After seeing eSight for myself, I knew that this technology was truly in a league of its own, which is why I am proud to Make Blindness History in my workplace. I passionately believe in my employees and could not be happier to invest in their success with eSight's breakthrough technology. The San Antonio Low Vision Clinic is excited to be the first organization of its kind to Make Blindness History in the workplace!"

Legally blind students - from Kindergarten to Post-Secondary education - often struggle with a significantly limited academic and social experience. Schools now have the opportunity to join eSight's pledge, and realize the transformative impact that this technology can have on their student body, and faculty and administration.

Nick Flores, a legally blind college student who now uses eSight in the classroom, explained:

"I would encourage any principal, dean or student union to consider a technology like eSight for their visually impaired students. As a college student who is passionate about radio, television and film, a field which relies on sight, eSight has been a true life-changer for me. For the first time in my life, I can actually see what's on the projector and whiteboard at the front of class, and I can now appreciate something as simple as reading the book on the desk in front of me. With eSight, the playing field has been leveled and, thanks to eSight's 24x zoom, I'm now the student with the best sight in class. I can't express how great of an impact this technology has had on both my educational and personal life."

Matt Lukshaitis, Superintendent, Pine River Area Schools, explained:

"As a school board superintendent, I have witnessed, first-hand, the devastating barriers that vision loss creates in the lives of my legally blind students. The reality is, blindness can dramatically limit a student's ability to participate fully in their academic life. They have to rely on note-takers, and often receive materials well after their fellow students have received them. Understandably, they face great difficulty in studying, writing tests, and even walking freely around the school halls. I have seen just how much of a cost blindness presents to our school - legally blind children can't fully see the faces of their best friends at recess, or the words on the page of a book. Now, a technology exists that can allow my legally blind students, and staff, to actually see. As the individual in charge of the safety and satisfaction of my students and staff, I am proud to say that I can now Make Blindness History in my schools, thanks to eSight."

Added Fenton:

"We are so grateful for the expressions of interest we have already received, from groups and individuals who want to help the legally blind actually see again using eSight. Organizations and schools often ask us how they can help to give their visually impaired employees or students eSight, and we are thrilled to now be able to provide a program that offers a solution to this fundamentally important question. The eSight team is grateful that members of society recognize both the social and economic justice of providing eSight to the legally blind."


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