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eSight Eyewear Device Enables People with Vision Disabilities to See

Published: 2014-05-20
Author: eSight Corporation | Contact:

Synopsis: eSight eyewear enhances whatever the user is looking at to maximize the effectiveness of the remaining eyesight.

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Is there anything better than a breakthrough technological device that enables some visually impaired people to recapture activities they haven't experienced in decades, like watching their kids play ice hockey, going to the movies or reading an exciting novel they've dreamed of reading all their life


eSight eye-wear is an innovative, electronic assistive technology.

The specifically designed glasses enhance whatever the user is looking at to maximize the effectiveness of the remaining eyesight.

eSight glasses are different from other electronic low vision aids because they are mobile, hands free, and suitable for near, far, and mid-range tasks.

Although eSight cannot fully restore sight, it can improve remaining sight and has the potential to have a life-changing impact for many people.

eSight eyewear device and glasses
eSight eyewear device and glasses

It may help them go shopping by themselves again, recognize their friend in a crowd from a distance or see objects above or below eye level.

Using a high-resolution camera to capture what the user is looking at and projecting real-time onto two LED screens right in front of your eyes, the customizable device has been shown to work for those from age 8 to 88.

William McPhee, President and CEO, says;

"It's an indescribable feeling to be finally helping people keep their independence or gain more independence than they've ever had. When we see a little girl who is blind having fun and giggling with her parents or friends, it is nothing short of awesome."

eSight Corporation is an Ottawa, Canada based technology company with less than 20 employees that develops intelligent eye-wear for people challenged by degenerative eye diseases. Thus, the development of a world class innovation that enables people who are blind to actually see counts as a major success.

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